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Eurovision scandals:Armenia Azerbaijan and Karabakh

Eurovision 2009 – Georgia, Putin, Azerbaijan and Iran …

The 54th Eurovision Song Contest is just over in Moscow. As one of the unexpected aspects of Eurovision – World’s largest musical contest – the observers mention its growing political background. Using popularity and huge worldwide audience of Eurovision, some countries use this song contest to promote political goals.

The next example was the clip “Always” by AySel & Arash presented by Azerbaijan. In decorations and haircut of the actress, who presented Azerbaijan, the image-makers from Baku used images of Poets’ Mausoleum in Tabriz in Iran as an illustration of Azeri-Türk culture. The observers consider this to be a promotion of ideas of unification of Northern Azerbaijan (Baku) and Southern Azerbaijan (Tabriz).

Interestingly, the organizers of Eurovision 2009 allowed the Iran-related decorations used by Azerbaijan, although they did not allow Armenia to use a photo of the Armenian Grandmother and Grandfather monument just because it is on the territory of Nagorno Karabakh. Azerbaijan accepts that Grandmother and Grandfather is an Armenian monument, but did not allow Eurovision to display it because they argue it would be promotion of the Armenian approach to the Karabakh conflict. And in Azerbaijan the phone number to vote for Armenia was blocked, at all.
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Sarah Palin has unwittingly taken a prank call from a comedian posing as French President Sarkozy

Palin takes prank call from fake French president

The Republican vice presidential nominee discussed politics, the perils of hunting with Vice President Dick Cheney, and Sarkozy’s “beautiful wife,” in the telephone call released Saturday.

When the caller told Palin she would make a good president, she laughed and replied: “Maybe in eight years.”

Palin campaign spokeswoman Tracey Schmitt confirmed she received the prank call.

“Governor Palin was mildly amused to learn that she had joined the ranks of heads of state, including President Sarkozy and other celebrities, in being targeted by these pranksters. C’est la vie,” she said.


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Another olympic scandal.Cuban Matos kicked the referee.

After Ara Abrahamian’s refusal to accept bronze medal,this is another big scandal happened at the Olympic Games in Beijing,China

Disputing the Swedish referee’s decision during the bronze medal Tae Kwon Do match, Cuban Ángel Matos kicked the ref in the face resulting in a lifetime ban for Matos and his unapologetic coach.

Matos was winning, 3-2, in the second round, when he fell to the mat after being hit by his opponent, Kazakhstan’s Arman Chilmanov. He remained there, awaiting medical attention, when he was disqualified for taking too much injury time. Fighters get one minute, and Matos was disqualified when his time ran out.

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IOC decision:Ara Abrahanian kicked out of the Olympic games

Abrahamian was punished by the International Olympic Committee for violating the spirit of fair play during the medal ceremony, becoming the fourth athlete kicked out of the Games and bringing the number of medals removed to three.

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Update on Ara Abrahamian’s refusal to accept medal: Wrestler is facing disciplinary action


“The disciplinary commission is looking into this,” said IOC spokeswoman Emmanuelle Moreau. “They are in touch with the international federation to get all the facts.”
The Swede, who came third in the 84kg Greco-Roman category, dumped his medal on the floor after receiving it during the ceremony and strode off in protest.
Abrahamian was angered by the judges’ decision to award his semi-final clash to eventual winner, Andrea Minguzzi.

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Ara Abrahamian’s refused to accept the bronze medal.

The story was on Yahoo’s front page for most of the day and has gathered a lot of coverage.

The English blogosphere, that consists of bunch of whiny Emo’s, is buzzing over Ara Abrahamian’s refusal to accept the bronze medal.

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