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Ter-Petrosyan is going to history.

Living The Slogan “We Will Win” Under The Ruins
   “I will be the last one to leave the movement,” leader of the “pan-national” movement Levon Ter-Petrosyan announced during the June 20 demonstration in front of Matenadaran.
   No more than one week after this announcement the process of leaving the movement began.
   Leader of Marxist Party David Hakobyan publicly announced about his decision to quit the “everlasting” struggle.
   Most probably David Hakobyan’s decision to leave the struggle is not a painful fact for the movement, they can show that everything is ok. But let’s remember the inspiration of LTP and his supporters during the presidential campaign when the head of the Marxist party announced about joining them.

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Ter-Petrosyan’s mysterious visits and responsibilities

On June 8-14 the first president of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan was in France. During the recent period neither Ter-Petrosyan nor his spokesman or teammates gave any comments on the visit. They only fixed that Ter-Petrosyan is in France and that’s all.

Of course, there was certain information publicized in the media, according to which Ter-Petrosyan had a meeting with the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, however later they neither confirmed nor denied this information. This secrecy of the visit and also the mystery around that originates certain questions. Thus, it is known that Ter-Petrosyan and his teammates are struggling for democracy and liberty. It is similarly known that such national struggles require transparency and publicity as a basic principle of democracy. However, the only information we have about Ter-Petrosyan is that he paid a five-day visit to France and even his loyalists don’t know what exactly Ter-Petrosyan was doing there.

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The main peculiarity of L. Ter-Petrosyan’s speech delivered during the June 20 demonstration was that he tried, on the one hand, to restrict himself to the scope of the new post-electoral developments and on the other hand, came into unsolvable conflicts with them.
   Of course, as a master skilled enough to “extort maximum benefit” from the electoral and post-electoral developments, the ex-President was again in his elements on the 20th of June. As usual, he was unsparing both in his criticism and the assessments and characterizations deriving thereof. However, L. Ter-Petrosyan could not have ignored the fact that there are new authorities formed in Armenia after the elections, and they have already undertaken certain steps towards relieving the internal political tension and initiating reforms. Continue reading

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Interview with the member of RPA Counsel, Head of NA Committee on Credit and Financial-Budgetary Affairs Gagik Minasyan.
   “On the eve of June 20 Deputy Head of the police ensured that he would never allow to organize illegal demonstration in front of Matenadaran. Immediately after the “negotiations” with the activists of Armenian Pan National Movement the rally took place. Don’t you think that this fact can be considered the weakness of the authorities? Don’t you think this is the reason why Ter-Petrosyan’s supporters are trying to put pressure on the ruling power?”
   “I don’t think so. In my view we deal with another manifestation, for which I’m very glad. For a long time we face positive developments connected with “March 1-2” events. The inquest process is rather swift, only some cases are left, to be sent to the court. In my view after a short period of time the investigation of these cases will also be over and the court will issue a verdict and all the questions will find their answers.
   It is really good that the authorities allowed the demonstrators to hold their rally in front of Matenadaran.
   In fact the two sides managed to find a way out from the created situation. Of course there are still lots of unsolved problems, especially linked with “March 1” and the temporary committee tends to solve this issue. In my view the activity of the opposition should also tend to the same objective. The last meeting inspires hope that their future actions will be more constructive. Both the state and the citizens will only benefit from it.”
   “To what extent is your optimism justified, in case when after the demonstration LTP’s supporters have threatened to kill, hang, murder the representatives of the “regime?”
   “The developments before March 1, in my view were much more aggressive. This rally was far not aggressive and it really inspired positive hopes. I must mention that the authorities, in the person of the police did everything to avoid crash between the people and the law enforcers. In my view this precedent will continue and we will gradually overcome this situation, which is really shameful for both the ruling power and the opposition. When on June 25 PACE discusses the process of implementation of resolution 1609, in my view the rally of June 20 will have a really big role there. The reserved behavior of both the authorities and the opposition was the positive message that both the opposition and the authorities gave to the society by their behavior.”




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From “October 27” to “March 1”

“I don’t think it is possible to conduct an independent investigation of March 1 developments and disclose the guilty ones during the power of these authorities. They will act the same way as they did in connection with “October 27.” Levon Ter-Petrosyan announced during the meeting in front of Matenadaran on June 20.
   One should be very naпve to think that this parallel made by the leader of Armenian Pan National Movement was accidental. Absolutely. The presidential candidate who suffered defeat during the presidential elections is well conscious that his “pan-national” movement is gradually extinguishing, that is why he is using an experienced method to prolong the revolutionary struggle.
   Considering “productive” the long process of speculating the inquest stage of “October 27”, Ter-Petrosyan will try to take on “March 1”. Together with his companions-in-arm and the propaganda machine he will start a process of speculations, trying to mislead the people by convincing them that “March 1” will never be disclosed.
   We have already closed the page of “October 27”, but the activists of Armenian Pan National Movement, by Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s leadership open a new page of political speculations, for which they can’t find a better option than “March 1”.
   By the way the motivations of 1999 and 2008 tragedies are the same. The night get-together in the Ministry of Defense, hours after the terrorism of 1999, October 27, in the parliament, and in general all the events following it, display that Armenian Pan National Movement use all the possible and impossible means to stage a coup.
   The same thing they tried to realize, by organizing a mass disorder in the center of Yerevan on March 1. That day Ter-Petrosyan and his team members were trying to seize power, by persuading their “peaceful demonstrators” not to leave the streets and to continue the battle.
   The announcements made by Levon Ter-Petrosyan testifies to the fact that he will use “March 1” to nourish the society by further political speculations.
   After more than one and a half month LTP suddenly remembered and “appreciated” the “heroism” of the victims of “March 1”. He even announced that these victims must be honored with the title of hero. Because they were martyred for the sake of the establishment of freedom and democracy in Armenia. But the fact that these people died “for the sake of” his revolution and that he shoulders responsibility for their blood, is never touched upon. But why did he suddenly remember about the victims and about honoring them with the title of hero?
   This important nuance is very important for political speculations. The same way as in case of “October 27” the victims were honored with the title of hero and the case “is still not disclosed”, “March 1” case will also not be disclosed until these authorities are in power.
   There is another nuance, which is also not less important for further political speculations for LTP. During his speech he announced that the authorities must pay 1 million dollar’s compensation to the families of “March 1” victims.
   Let’s forget about the fact that this person’s life is estimated by cents and dollars. The goal of this announcement is clear. Thus LTP involves the relatives of the victims in the process of his political speculations.
   Besides that by now the expression “claimants of March 1” has not been yet heard, something that was very often heard in connection with “October 27”. To be more precise – after six months when Aram Sargsyan was dismissed from the position of the Prime Minister and the “claimants” immediately appeared.
   Most probably there will be one very small difference between the political speculations of “October 27” and “March 1”. If in case of “October 27” LTP states in his speech that “Jhangiryan has found a link between the murderers and the presidential residence”, in case of “March 1” the same LTP, sitting in his castle, in conditions of “house arrest” has already found out and announced who is the principle criminal.
   If the special investigative bodies by now didn’t arrest him for several hours or conduct a 10 minutes’ questioning, of course this person could have that much time to find out who is the only “guilty one”. All this is really ridiculous and meanwhile very boring.”




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