Tigran Kocharyan greets you!!!

This blog was created by the initiative of three armenians located in different countries of the world.

The idea of creation was to have english-language blog discussing modern issues related with Armenia and armenian diaspora.

Nowadays due to lack of time two of the owners decided  to leave active blogging.

As the only author having access to this blog I want to express my gratitude to Armen and Varuzhan for having great contribution to Real Armenia blog.

Starting from October 1-st this blog belongs to Tigran Kocharyan,so far, all content placed here from the October 1-st 2008 is under my responsibility.

Nothing posted here before this date would be deleted.

So you are wellcomed here-Tigran Kocharyan’s blog.

My russian-language blog is  pigh.livejournal.com


8 responses to “Tigran Kocharyan greets you!!!

  1. Ani

    I’ll give it a try–glad you liked the George Friedman article.

  2. realarmenia

    Ani jan nice to see you here!!!
    The article’s content is quite balanced and not biased as a lot of we red during this information war.

  3. Ani

    “All simple truths are simply falsehoods in disguise.”–Ani

  4. alexikus

    Dear Tigran,

    Would you be so kind to post the link of one of these blogs into this page?




    I’ll be glad to post your blogs’ links on all the three blogs mentioned above.


  5. realarmenia

    Done with pleasure:)

  6. realarmenia

    Many thanks for congrats Ani jan:)

  7. Hello – I’m over here in California! I was wondering if you could add me to your blog roll and I’ll add you to mine – at
    http://www.armenianeyes.com/ – please visit and let me know what you think of my blog. You have an interesting blog, keep up the good work.

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