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Armenian bloggers changed the name of the song to be presented at Eurovision-2009

Being pressured by some armenian bloggers Inga and Anush Arshakyan changed the name of the song “Nor Par” to be presented by Armenia at Eurovision-2009 song contest.

Final name of the song  is “Jan,Jan” .

Watch new video of the song.

Updated information on blog.ingaanush.am



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Good morning for realarmenia blog.

Blogs of the Day

August 10, 2008: Growing Blogs


August 10, 2008: Top Posts

99.  https://realarmenia.wordpress.com/2008/08/08/the-armenian-team-at-olympic-games/

Thanks to Ditord for that.

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Armenia. Bloggers become popular.

Today,two of the top armenian bloggers representing Livejournal.com community participated at Serzh Sargsyan’s(President of the Republic of Armenia) press-conference and asked questions collected by them in blogosphere.

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The Armenian opposition is on leave

A comparatively lull period has set in the home policy of Armenia, which is differently used by the opposing forces, but in their main approaches both the ultraradical pro-American opposition and the authorities with an assembly of the pro-power forces in some way agree. The present time is used mainly to strengthen its ranks, intensify its propaganda component, look closely at other potential allies as well as search for public and private support from abroad.

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Armenia.Yerevan. Opposition rally on July 2008.

The fact that the leaders of the “pan-national” movement are not very attentive towards their words is not a secret.


For the last one-week these people terrify us saying that the demonstration of July 4 will be “decisive”.

But the meeting hold yesterday in front of Matenadaran was not only far from being decisive or continuous, but the participants of the meeting also showed that their leader is groping in vagueness.

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Yerevan. July 2008. Less than 1% of people support Ter-Petrosyan

If Pan-National Movement consists of 7000 people what’s a point to consider movement as a serious opposition? What’s a hell to take them serious? Less than 1 percent of Yerevan people attend the rally, so this should be called Pan-National Movement? Stop it,please:)

Think,that any more or less popular singer in Armenia could consider himself as a serious opposition also could claim government for the dialogue on the different topics?

Ter-Petrosyan has already evacuated his family,what’s reason for people to support this guy? He doesn’t care about you people…

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Armenian blogs. Livejournal Community

After reading of the article about armenian blogs here  and here written by the well-known armenian blogger  Onnik Krikorian ,the Caucasus Editor for Global Voices Online,I’d like to present another big armenian blogging community at Livejournal.com.

LiveJournal.com community is the most preffered through more than 500 armenian bloggers who mostly write in Russian language. 

Livejournal Community consists of more than 800 000 bloggers from different countries and it’s impressive to see in the list of the most popular 1000 blogs  12 armenian blogs.

Top armenian blogs.(Last figure shows the place of blogger in total LJ rating)

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