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Turkish songs are banned in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has banned Turkish songs on the radio and television in Azerbaijan as a protest against the (talks toward the) opening of the Turkish border with Armenia. Azeris are readying themselves to demonstrate in front of Turkey’s embassy in Baku, and a boycot of Turkish goods is also on the agenda.

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Explosion near the house of an Armenian policeman in Georgia.

YEREVAN (Armenpress)-There has been an explosion near the house of an Armenian policeman in Georgia’s predominantly Armenian province of Akhalkalak, said Armen Aghayan, a representative from the Javakhk Council, during a press conference in Yerevan on Tuesday.

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Azerbaijan-Preparation for war.

Internet has carried headlines from Baku and Yerevan on the latest in military buildup . . .

“Azeris May Buy Drones From Israel”

“Azerbaijan to Buy UAVs to Watch Over Occupied Areas”

“Armenia Takes Conuntermeasures in Response to Azerbaijan Buying Unmanned Aircraft”

“Karabakh to enlarge Security Zone if Azerbaijan Attacks”

There’s more but the picture is clear. The war rhetoric from Baku is now amplified by reports that 10 unmanned robotic reconnaissance aircraft, popularly called “drones,” are being purchased from Israel. This news follows another report that Azerbaijan is raising its annual defense budget to new heights: from $1 billion to $1.3 billion next year. Armenian responses are equally stark. Nagorno Karabakh’s president warns that Armenian forces will seize more territory to enlarge its security zone if Azerbaijan attacks. And in Yerevan, Defense Minister Seyran Ohanian asserted that defense counter-measures are being taken by Armenia’s military forces.

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Armenia is again betrayed?

In a bid to bring Azerbaijan back into its energy orbit and cement Russia’s hold over Caspian Sea energy, Russian President Dmitri Medvedev signed on Thursday a declaration of friendship and strategic partnership with Azerbaijan, which contained an unusually explicit statement of support for Azerbaijan’s stance on the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict.

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