Update on Ara Abrahamian’s refusal to accept medal: Wrestler is facing disciplinary action


“The disciplinary commission is looking into this,” said IOC spokeswoman Emmanuelle Moreau. “They are in touch with the international federation to get all the facts.”
The Swede, who came third in the 84kg Greco-Roman category, dumped his medal on the floor after receiving it during the ceremony and strode off in protest.
Abrahamian was angered by the judges’ decision to award his semi-final clash to eventual winner, Andrea Minguzzi.

The Italian won gold after beating Hungarian Zoltan Fodor in the final.
Following the semi-final loss to Minguzzi, Abrahamian, who won silver in the Athens Olympics four years ago, had to be restrained by his team-mates.
His coach Leo Myllari has yet to lodge a formal protest but claimed the result was “all politics”.
Moreau said it was unclear what type of punishment Abrahamian could face.
Abrahamian and Turkey’s Nazmi Avluca won bronze after winning their repechage matches but the discarded medal was returned to the wrestling’s governing body.



There are facts that you can not see on the video.For example:Why did he do it? (What was he protesting aginst?)Why did the referee in the semi final suddenly decide to give Minguzzi an extra point AFTER the second period had ended?Why did Fila refuse to even read the swedish protest?
Why did the referee laugh in Abrahamians face after the match?

In my opinion Ara Abrahamian did the only thing he could do if he wants to open the eyes of the world for how corrupted Fila is! Honestly, would you even have noticed if he would just have complained about it? -I doubt it.



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3 responses to “Update on Ara Abrahamian’s refusal to accept medal: Wrestler is facing disciplinary action

  1. Anders

    The Canadian judge Lee MacKay is corrupt. Everyone in the wrestling community knows this. If I was Andrea Minguzzi, I would not be able to look at myself in the mirror for the guilt. The world governing body FILA is hopelessly corrupt. Sweden’s Pelle Svensson tried to reform it 4 years ago and was forced out. And now the vice president of FILA is Italian. Minguzzi’s world position is 27th… and he wins gold! Shame on Italy, shame on FILA.

  2. carryit

    this is getting ridiculous. “we doan lack yo addy-tude bo-eee”. john kerry throws his war medals away and jimmy carter gives them back. black athletes raise their fists, and that is ok, but don’t you dare show disrespect to the chinese dictators including questioning whether they are cheating using small children as their version of the new ‘camel jockys’ in the Girls gymnastic theater.

    tests for blood doping caused the loss of medals for several athletes but the i.o.c. refuses to ‘test’ for age the chinese should be ashamed. The legacy of Joseph Goebbels lives on in China.

    human rights violations abound in China while the people cheer the modern gladiators.

    pull out of this communist puppet show and may day parade now!!!!

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