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Two Azerbaijanis accused of combating in Pakistan and Afghanistan stand trial

[ 12 Aug 2009 17:21 ]

Baku. Hafiz Heydarov – APA. Two Azerbaijanis accused of combating along with the illegal armed groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan stand trial, APA reports. The hearing is held in the Court of Grave Crimes. Eldar Mikayilov presides over the hearing. Defendants Vugar Huseynov and Rauf Abdullayev said they went to those countries to help their Muslim brothers, but later they changed their minds and returned.

They faced charges under articles 279.1 (creation of armed formations or groups, which are not provided by the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic, and also participation in their creation and activity, supplying them by weapon, ammunition, explosives, military engineering or military equipment) and 318.1 (illegal crossing border of the Azerbaijan Republic) of the Criminal Code. According to the indictment, Vugar Huseynov and Rauf Abdullayev left for Pakistan and Afghanistan several times beginning from 2008. They struggled against the military coalition forces a few months and returned to Azerbaijan. They were arrested by the National Security Ministry.

13 more people faced similar charges. The hearing on their case is held in the Court of Grave Crimes.



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The comments and statements by the Azerbaijan party, including the officials of the Azerbaijani Republic, on the recent initiative of the creative intelligentsia of the Armenian and Azerbaijani people provide misinterpretation of the events, NKR MFA Information Department reports.

In this regard, on the request of the mass media, the NKR MFA Information Department offers the following comment:
“The Nagorno Karabakh leadership once again displayed its good will and agreed to host the intelligentsia representatives of Armenia and Azerbaijan, headed by Ambassadors of Armenia and Azerbaijan to the Russian Federation Armen Smbatyan and Polad Byul-Byul Oghly, as well as RF MFA Special Missions Ambassador, RF President’s Special Representative on Cultural Issues Mikhail Shvidkoy, thus reaffirming its principal allegiance to the Karabakh conflict peaceful settlement process.

As to the certain differences concerning the Azerbaijani delegation’s visit itinerary and members, the Karabakh party did not only demand to change of itinerary, but also to exclude the Azerbaijani Milli Mejlis Deputy, Khavva Mamedova, and the delegation member, Chingiz Ismailov, out of the delegation for their marked anti-Karabakhian and anti-Armenian position.
Taking into consideration the Azerbaijani party’s interest in the visit, it is easy to guess that official Baku tries to drastically change the format of the negotiation process and to negotiate directly, without any mediators, with the NKR authorities, which has no alternative. Taking into account the incentives of such mutual visits aimed at reducing the tension between the societies involved in the conflict, the event is worth noticing.

This visit is especially notable in the sense that the Azerbaijani intelligentsia representatives, having visited our country, evidenced once again that they deal with an existing state, where, for the period after the proclamation of an independent republic, overcoming the difficulties and obstacles arisen as a result of the Azerbaijani aggression, the imposed war, and the blockade, unprecedented progress in all the spheres has been fixed, which created the best preconditions for the international recognition of the NKR independence”.

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Sumgait cronicles. Video. 26-28 February 2008

From  kornelij.livejournal.com

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Azerbaijan people withness on Khojaly events

For nine years after the events in Khojaly official Baku has been obstinately fanning anti-Armenian hysteria with the aim of falsifying real events and discrediting the Armenian people in the eyes of the international community.

The events in Khojaly, which led to the death of civilians, were the results solely of political intrigues and a struggle for power in Azerbaijan.

The real reasons are most convincingly reflected in the accounts of Azerbaijanis themselves – as participants in and eyewitnesses of what happened – as well as of those who know the whole inside story of the events in Baku.

According to Azerbaijani journalist M. Safarogly, “Khojaly occupied an important strategic position. The loss of Khojaly was a political fiasco for Mutalibov”. 1

Khojaly, along with Shushi and Agdam, was one of the main strongholds from which Stepanakert, the capital of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, was shelled continuously and mercilessly for three winter months using artillery and missiles and launchers for targeting cities.

Knocking out the weapon emplacements in Khojaly and freeing the airport were the only way for the inhabitants of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic to ensure the physical survival of a population condemned by Azerbaijan to complete annihilation. The daily shelling of Stepanakert from nearby Khojaly took the lives of peaceful inhabitants – women, children and old people.

Former President of Azerbaijan, Ayaz Mutalibov, has emphasized that “… the assault on Khojaly was not a surprise attack2. In a “Nezavisimaya gazeta” newspaper interview he stated that “a corridor was kept open by the Armenians for people to leave”3. However, a column of civilians was fired on by armed units of the Popular Front of Azerbaijan on the approaches to the Agdam district border, a fact later confirmed by Ayaz Mutalibov, who linked this criminal act to attempts by the opposition to remove him from power, and blamed it entirely for what happened.

In his recent interview with the “Novoye vremya” magazine, Mutalibov confirms his statement of nine year ago: “The shooting of the Khojaly residents was obviously organized by someone to take control in Azerbaijan”4.

Similar comments and views concerning the events in Khojaly are known to have been made by several other highly-placed Azerbaijani officials and journalists.

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Azeris reaction on war in South Ossetia

-In a written statement, Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry hailed as precedent setting Georgia’s attack on the unrecognized South Ossetian republic Friday, signaling the possibility that Azerbaijan might seek a similar course of action with the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

The statement described Georgia’s military offensive against South Ossetia as a positive precedent for countries seeking to use military force to restore “territorial integrity.”

“Georgia has proven that peaceful talks are not the only way to restore territorial integrity,” the statement said. “[Azerbaijan] has the right to return its lands by use of force.”

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Novruzali Mammadov.I am brought to trial for my ethnicity, for my being a Talysh


68-year-old linguist Novruzali Mammadov, Deputy President of the Talysh Cultural Center, Editor-in-Chief of the Talysh-language newspaper Tolyshi Sado (Voice of the Talysh), and Head of a Department at the Philology Institute of the Academy of Science of Azerbaijan, was charged with high treason and sentenced to 10 years in prison in Baku, Azerbaijan. Charges were also pressed against the paper’s administrator Elman Guliyev who was sentenced to 6 years. Initially, the prosecutor sought 12 and 8-year sentences for the two individuals.

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Azerbaijan warns “Western Union” for operations in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic

-Azerbaijan’s central bank has called on local banks to halt operations with the world’s top payment transfer company, Western Union because it works in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

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