Who are you Mr. Joe Cocker?

Joe Cocker

Published May 7, 2009 06:05 AM

By John Voket / LiveDaily Contributor

On the cusp of a very ambitious spring/summer schedule, classic rock and blues veteran Joe Cocker [ tickets ] is doing something he never did before: reviewing all his recorded material to find a few classic cuts to work into his nightly setlist to tickle some of the most tried and true fans.

“You know, it’s kind of weird when somebody sends you every song you ever recorded … a few of them I don’t even remember,” Cocker joked while speaking to LiveDaily by phone from his Mad Dog ranch, which is nestled in the Rockies outside of Denver. “So I’m going to pick out two or three and swap them out over this next tour and see how they go.”

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Cocker has had his ups and downs over the years–battling and beating reported alcohol and heroin addictions, as well as capturing the trifecta of a Golden Globe, Grammy and Oscar for “Up Where We Belong,” but at age 65, he’s lining up a tour that could tucker out a rock star half his age.

Last month, Cocker hit the road for a tour that will find him playing nearly 50 North American gigs through mid-July. (His tour schedule is included below.) The veteran singer is pounding the pavement behind his most recent studio album, “Hymn For My Soul,” which emerged in May of last year and peaked at No. 9 on Billboard’s Top Christian Albums chart. The record features the legendary singer’s take on vintage songs like Bob Dylan’s “Ring Them Bells,” Stevie Wonder’s “You Haven’t Done Nothin'” and Percy Mayfield’s “River’s Invitation.” Cocker’s version of the Beatles’ classic “Come Together,” featured in the Oscar-nominated film “Across the Universe,” also made the album.

During a wide-ranging chat, Cocker touched upon his role in that film, his relationship with the Fab Four, and the demons that helped put him nearly a million dollars in debt between his original Woodstock appearance, which helped introduce him to American audiences, and a high profile turn singing “Feelin’ Alright” beside a mirror image of himself as played by John Belushi on the second season of “Saturday Night Live.”

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WOW!!!!!!!-Joe Cocker in Armenia

First-ever in Armenia, world rock & blues music legend Joe Cocker to give a single concert in Yerevan. This prominent event is initiated by Ameriabank and Yerevan Perspectives 11th International Music Festival to celebrate Ameriabank’s 100th anniversary.

Committed to the tradition of bringing Armenian audience in touch with the art of the world’s most outstanding musicians, Ameriabank now holds a concert starring the world-renowned Brit rock & blues man Joe Cocker. The concert will take place on October 26, 8:30 p. m., at Karen Demirchyan sports & concert complex.

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Armenians all over the world marked the 95th anniversary of Armenian Genocide

The country and Armenians worldwide marked on Saturday (April 24th) the 95th anniversary of Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire.

You can find pictures from Australia to Argentina rallies here.

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Mussolini and Armenia Genocide

Mussolini’s mistress, Clara Petacci, recorded intimate details of her affair with Il Duce in her journal. Her newly published diary reveals Mussolini as a sex-addicted anti-Semite who found Hitler “very likeable” — and who occasionally suffered from impotence.

Petacci’s recollections are of special interest to Armenians, because of this quote below:

Mussolini, while flipping through French newspapers, suddenly got into a bad mood. “These disgusting Jews, they should all be destroyed,” he said. “I will create a bloodbath the way the Turks once did. I will isolate them and imprison them. They will come to know the steel fist of Mussolini. It is time that the Italians realize that can no longer exploited by these snakes.”

Those diaries were published for the first time last week, to the considerable consternation of one of Mussolini’s descendents. “This woman would be convicted of stalking today,” says Alessandra Mussolini, Il Duce’s granddaughter. She insists that “not a word” of what Petacci wrote about her grandfather is true. Meanwhile, some extracts from the diaries, containing also the quote above, are avaliable here.

Read full version here

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King Arthur Abraham won by points.

Artur AbrahamAnother great victory!

In Berlin, Abraham was ahead on points on all three judges’ scorecards entering the 12th round. He ended Taylor’s night with a straight right hand that split the guard and dropped Taylor flat on his back. Taylor was counted out, making no attempt to get up, with just six seconds left.

“All the time I was trying to go for the knockout,” said Abraham, who earned two points for the win and one point for the KO. “I was waiting for the opportunity and it finally worked.

“It was a great fight, a great knockout. Taylor is a good fighter, but I am better,” Abraham concluded.

Taylor jabbed and maintained a high work rate throughout the fight, but was unable to land any effective, damaging punches with his right hand. He tried to work the body but strayed low on a few occasions. Taylor was penalized one point for a low blow in the sixth.

“I am a little hurt,” said Taylor after the fight, “but that comes with the territory. I was in the best shape of my life. He’s a very strong fighter. I give it up to him.” It was reported that Taylor went to the hospital and is being kept overnight for observation.

Abraham remains undefeated with 31 wins, 25 by knockout and will face Dirrell in Group Stage 2. Taylor drops to 28-4-1 (17 KOs) and will face Andre Ward next.


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Voting on Turkey-Armenia protocols

80 perecent of Livejournal bloggers participated in voting vote against ratification of protocols

You can see results here


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Protocols are ‘Dangerous’ for Armenia

YEREVAN (Combined Sources)—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation, in a statement issued Tuesday, slammed the draft protocols for the establishment and development of relations between Turkey and Armenia, calling their provisions “dangerous.” The protocols were issued Monday by the foreign ministries of the two countries and Switzerland.

ARF Bureau member Hrant Markarian denounced the protocols as “unacceptable,” in an interview with RFE/RL.

“I regret that our president is going to sign a document he has no right to sign,” Markarian told RFE/RL. “In the next two months we will do everything to inform the public about the essence of the agreement and issues hidden in it,” he said.

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