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Update on Norashen.

Finally we got a reaction from our Apostolic Church.

The Armenian Apostolic Church (AAC) condemns the actions of the Georgian clergy in Norashen Church in Tbilisi, head of Holy Echmiadzin’s press office, father Vahram Melikyan told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter.

“We are hopeful that the Georgian church hierarchy will prevent further “initiatives” of father Tariel Sikinchelashvili,” he said.

On November 16, Georgian monk Tariel Sikinchelashvili instructed workers to raze to the ground the graves of Mikhail and Lidia Tamamshev.

This barbarian act outraged Armenians, who demanded to let the graves in their place. However, Father Tariel responded with harsh statements.

Upon arrival of representatives of the Armenian Apostolic Church and parliament member Van Bayburt, the Georgian monk said he just wanted to replace the gravestones to “clean under them.”

Policemen have filed a formal report about the incident.

A representative of Georgian Ombudsman also arrived at the site.

Watch video of barbarian act.



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Armenia.Presidential press conference. Reaction from blogosphere.

Nice coverage from Ditord

On 21 July at a news conference held at the presidential palace to mark the 100th day of the new president’s term in office, two bloggers were invited to attend alongside 38 journalists. Allowed to ask one question in each, the bloggers were effectively considered as the equals of journalists. In fact, considering that some pro-opposition media weren’t invited, those bloggers might even be considered as ‘even more equal’ given that the highest circulation daily in Armenia has a print-run of around 10,000 copies. The precedent was surely set for taking blogs as a medium seriously.

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Armenia. Bloggers become popular.

Today,two of the top armenian bloggers representing Livejournal.com community participated at Serzh Sargsyan’s(President of the Republic of Armenia) press-conference and asked questions collected by them in blogosphere.

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How are the activists funded?

The press has spoken a lot on how the centers of “colored revolutions” provide funding to the youth pro-opposition movements – the so-called “locomotives”, which were founded by their own initiative.
We won’t be mistaken if we say that the most active part of the pro-Ter-Petrosyan opposition has now focused on founding this kind of organizations or extending the scope of their activity.

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