IOC decision:Ara Abrahanian kicked out of the Olympic games

Abrahamian was punished by the International Olympic Committee for violating the spirit of fair play during the medal ceremony, becoming the fourth athlete kicked out of the Games and bringing the number of medals removed to three.

Abrahamian became incensed when a disputed penalty call decided his semifinal match against Italian Andrea Minguzzi, who went on to win the gold medal in the Greco-Roman 84-kilogram division Thursday.
During the medal ceremony, the Armenian-born Abrahamian, who was the silver medalist at the 2004 Athens Games, took the bronze from around his neck and, angrily, dropped it on the mat as he walked away. He did not take part in the rest of the medal ceremony.
The IOC executive board ruled Abrahamian’s actions amounted to a political demonstration and a mark of disrespect to his fellow athletes.

The “tantrum” is the result of an extremely poor decision by the judges, giving away the victory to the Italian wrestler although the Swede was arguably the better of the two. Abrahamian was disqualified for escaping the ring with one hand although the Italian several times earlier in the fight had half of his body out of the ring. It is the opinion of Abrahamian – who is a two-time world champion and not a nobody in wrestling – and many others that FILA is corrupt and that the judgement was a part of FILAs unfair play.


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