Ara Abrahamian’s refused to accept the bronze medal.

The story was on Yahoo’s front page for most of the day and has gathered a lot of coverage.

The English blogosphere, that consists of bunch of whiny Emo’s, is buzzing over Ara Abrahamian’s refusal to accept the bronze medal.

Majority don’t know a thing about wrestling, but are quick to give opinions. No one cares that at one point Andrea Minguzzi was completely outside the circle, and 0 points were given to Abrahamian. Most of the blogers, whom are of American Anglo-Saxon descent, need a reminder that the 1972 US basketball team still hasn’t accepted its silver medals and their collecting dust in Lusanne, Switzerland, that’s 36 years, what a bunch of sore losers they are, right?

Anyway, I hope the Wrestling federation learns a lesson and changes its ways of unfair officiating.

Whats more interesting is that before he left the medal stand, Ara congratulated the Turkish wrestler with whom he was sharing the 3rd place. I guess that’s for us, Armenians, to talk about. I believe that was a very nice and classy gesture.




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11 responses to “Ara Abrahamian’s refused to accept the bronze medal.

  1. I’m not sure why Abrahamian didn’t receive a harsher punishment. After all, this IS the Olympics competition. His behavior is unacceptable, even if his performance should’ve received gold. There’s more to sportsmanship than just “sports”.

  2. @Martha

    There’s only one way to bring dirt up into the light, someone has to make the sacrifice to show it to the world. That’s what Ara’s gesture is all about. If you complain in silence nobody cares. Personally i applaud his actions, it takes a real man to stand up against corrupted officials.

  3. mick

    Someone must show the world how corrupt Fila is. Now they are in the focus of the whole world. Lets just wait and see what happens.

  4. Ineedananswer

    Can someone please explain to me what happend? I don’t get it. I didn’t ge to watch it. He “won” a bronze metal and refused it because why? He thought he deserved a gold or was there actually a reason why he should of got gold?

  5. nearlynormalized

    The politics of the Olympics–get real; propaganda is rampant, don’t just think it is just the athlete and winning and losing.

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  8. rico

    first of all i’m not an anglo saxton as u claim most americans are, which by the way is a completely idiotic comment. second, the way the Russian team won the basketball competition was just as equally ridiculous.

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