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Next US President : A Republic Day Speech

My fellow Armenians!

Ninety-one years ago your nation has reestablished a long-cherished statehood in the territory of “Sev Jandam”. The courage of the passionate visionaries who stood up for the patriotic “chmoyutyun” should live on in our hearts just as it lives on in the hearts of Armenians.

My dear fellows, many of you may think I have totally “qaqmej”-ed your expectations on April 24. Let me yell a “No” to those people. I have been in long consultation both with your Government and your opposition, who appeared to be rather “esh kerats esh metsatsats” professionals and must assure you that we are on the right track.   

The people of America and the President will continue to “qtsel” the US nationals of Armenian origin. You have been devoted citizens to this country and unique patriots in building prosperous and proud United States. We should always remember your “tiroj maman” in building our foreign strategies. Yes, we can!

My friends… Today I stand with you and Armenians everywhere with a sense of solidarity, “tqats unem”ism and “paxaq stuts”ism.

God Bless America!



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Hayk Demoyan:Opening of Armenian-Turkish border is no longer considered a manna from heaven for Armenia.

We have all preconditions necessary for establishment of diplomatic relations with Ankara, Armenian Genocide Museum Director Hayk Demoyan told a news conference in Yerevan. “If Turkey refuses to establish diplomatic ties with Armenia, international community will take it as reluctance to be on friendly terms with their neighbors,” Demoyan noted. When questioned about the possibility of Turkish Armenian border opening, the Museum Director stressed that even if Ankara does not open borders, Turkey will sign some document on a possibility to open it.

“Opening borders have both positive and negative aspects for Armenia. We have to carefully analyze the challenges not to fall into dependence on Turkey. We mustn’t forget that Turkey is a country that has several scenario developments up their sleeve,” Demoyan said adding that Turkey remains the chief ally for Azerbaijan, the country waging undeclared war with Armenia.

“In financial crisis circumstances eastern provinces of Turkey became very vulnerable, the population in those regions also expects the opening of borders. Opening of Armenian-Turkish border is no longer considered a manna from heaven for Armenia. Those times are gone,” Demoyan stressed.


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Hillary Clinton on the Armenian Genocide issue

Speaking today during the nationally televised Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmation hearing for the incoming Secretary of State, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) praised Hillary Clinton’s long record of support for Armenian Genocide recognition and urged her to continue her principled stand on this core human rights issue as the nation’s top diplomat, reported the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA).

“We want to thank Bob Menendez for raising the need for U.S. recognition of the Armenian Genocide today during Sen. Clinton’s confirmation hearing, which was watched intently by tens of millions across the United States and around the world,” said Aram Hamparian, Executive Director of the ANCA. “His comments, which cited both the Secretary of State-Designate’s longstanding support for the Armenian Genocide Resolution and President Obama’s pledge to properly recognize the Armenian Genocide as President, reflect the fact that the incoming Administration includes an unprecedented number of officials with substantial track records of fighting for the proper acknowledgement and commemoration of this crime against humanity.” Continue reading

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Turkeys about Joe Biden

Please pay attention on Armenian section

Nuh Yılmaz

Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research.

Joe Biden was selected as Barack Obama’s vice presidential candidate largely because of his expertise in foreign policy. Traditionally, in U.S. politics, Dick Cheney-like strong vice presidents are exception, not the rule.

It is wiser to focus on Obama’s foreign policy outlook rather than Biden’s, which would benefit Turkey in the long run with its realistic tendencies. Biden’s voting pattern, as it is displayed in three different issues (Cyprus-Armenian Issue-Iraq) does not seem friendly to the Turkish position. However, Biden as a statesman would not create extra problems for Turkey at the expense of U.S national interests. In all of these issues, the person that should be watched carefully is Obama, not Biden. Spending more energy to analyze Obama’s geopolitical priorities can benefit Turkey in the long run.

Presidential elections in the U.S. always draw attention from the world because of their potential to create new tensions, change balances and shift policies. Turkey is one of the countries that has been carefully observing the positions of presidential and vice-presidential candidates regarding contentious issues such as Armenian Genocide claims, the possible partition of Iraq, Cyprus, and broader issues related to the Balkans, the Black Sea, the Caucasus and the Middle East. With the emergence of Senator Barack Obama, a politician who identifies the events of 1915 as genocide and who advocates a phased withdrawal from Iraq, as the democratic presidential candidate, Turkey turns its focus to the potential vice-presidential candidates, hoping that the second powerful political figure would balance Obama’s policy preferences which have been perceived as against the Turkish position.

Nevertheless, Obama’s choice of the veteran Delaware senator Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. has disappointed Turkish politicians, policy makers and diplomats. Joseph Biden, whose Senate career spans thirty-five years, has become known for his pro-Armenian, pro-Greek ideas and voting record, and is also famous for his proposal of the “Biden Plan” – a plan that defends a soft-partition in Iraq. Turkey had crucial reserves about this plan and finds it unacceptable. Considering the political careers and positions of the democratic candidates, if the Obama-Biden ticket makes its way to the White House, how will this team affect Turkish-American relations? How should Turkey react to the positions the team holds?

Biden’s Career and Political Position

To begin with, it is almost a conventional wisdom that 2008 presidential elections will be a foreign policy election. Joe Biden, one of the 2008 presidential hopefuls just a couple of months ago, contributes to Obama’s career on this issue as a foreign policy expert. Biden completes some of Obama’s weaknesses with his private life and political career. As a Catholic, white politician, Biden’s seniority and his extensive knowledge on foreign policy issues makes him a vital catch for Obama. In his long career, Biden has generally followed the voting pattern of the George McGovern- Ted Kennedy wing of the Democratic Party, i.e. the liberal left. However, as a “cold-war liberal” who supported harsh policies against Soviets, Biden did not refrain from voting yes to military interventions whether it seemed humanitarian or not. This makes him a trusted politician in the eyes of the Washington insiders, or establishment; in fact, he is one of the standard-bearers of the establishment.

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Sarah Palin is the quintessential American.

I’ve found nice blog,more correctly,blogger who started campaign in 2007 to promote Sarah Palin as a VP. And dreams come true:)))

“In all probability, John McCain is going to be the next President. For him to choose Sarah as his running mate would be both bold and wise.

Sarah Palin is an anomaly in American politics. It’s not because she’s a woman, not because of her blue-collar background, and not because of her ability to juggle the titles of “governor” and “committed mother of five”. Forget about all of that stuff for a moment; it’s interesting, but if Barack Obama has taught us anything, it’s that a compelling biography is not a qualification for leadership.

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Obama: The real power behind the throne-to-be

By Eric Walberg

Global Research, July 23, 2008
Al Ahram Weekly

It is hard to sort through the hype and heat of Obamania, but one thing is
clear: who’s pulling the strings, argues Eric Walberg

As the United States election race enters the final stretch, Barack Obama
as the candidate promising change is revealing his true colours, much to
the despair of anyone actually expecting any change. His recent call to
declare Jerusalem the undivided capital of Israel, his denial of
Palestinans’ right of return, and his support for a Bantustan Palestinian
“state” which poses no threat to Israel show how completely he has caved
in to the Zionist establishment on that issue.

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Barack Obama against Senator John McCain

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Armenian Americans – a community of one a half million citizens that has experienced the horrors of genocide and continues to endure the pain of its denial – defended Senator Barack Obama against Senator John McCain’s unfounded and starkly hypocritical charges that the presumptive Democratic nominee is not serious about preventing future genocides, Armenians for Obama told PanARMENIAN.Net.
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