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Serzh Sargsyan about Armenia-Turkey negotiations

Armenia will not allow to use the negotiations as campaign tool and to drag out the comprehensive dialogue; this is Armenia’s disposition regarding the regulation of Armenian-Turkish ties.

“We’d like to open the closed borders of Europe and to create normal ties without preconditions. But we are not intended to allow to use the negotiating processes to mislead the international society,” Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan said at joint news conference with his Cyprus counterpart.

President Sargsyan stressed that it would be much willing if Turkey kept faithful to mutual agreements.

It’s worth reminding that Armenian-Turkish negotiations have been launched after President Serzh Sargsyan took the initiative to start “football diplomacy”. Since 2008 the parties have had discussions and with Swiss mediating a joint statement has been made in April this year claiming to adopt “road map” to regulate ties. It seems the negotiating processes are currently paused which, according to experts, means Turkey wants to reject agreements.



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Sumgait cronicles. Video. 26-28 February 2008

From  kornelij.livejournal.com

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Armenia and Artsakh-not for sale or exchange!



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Western Union international money transfer system is prohibited in Armenia.

According to the Armenian Central Bank Council August 25 decision, Western Union international money transfer system is prohibited in Armenia. The council decided to prohibit participation of the Armenian banks in the mentioned system and annul the contracts with it. The decision is motivated by the Armenian banks’ risk management.

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Armenian bloggers boycott Vneshtorgbank

Ditord writes

Armenian bloggers have initiated a boycott of VTB Bank Armenia and are inviting everyone to join the action. Better known as “Savings Bank of the Republic of Armenia” (Armsavingsbank) was founded

in 1923 and was the pillar of Soviet Banking system and law obedient Soviet citizens were encouraged to hold their savings there – which was one of the reasons, why after the collapse of the USSR and downfall of the Soviet Ruble it had huge depts to Armenian citizens. In fact it ows me, personally – about 2000 Soviet Rubles. In Kocharyan era the bank was sold to Armenian oligarch of Karabakh origin – Mika Baghdasaryan for a ridiculously small amount of money, to be soon resold to Russia’s Vneshtorgbank.

The couse of blogger discontent lies in the fact, that as part of it’s bid for acquiring the Azerbaijan’s AF-Bank, VTB have forced their Armenian subsidiary to close down their branch in Nagorno-Karabakh. Clearly – this is politics intruding into business, so bloggers are urging everybody to close their accounts at VTB.

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Azerbaijan warns “Western Union” for operations in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic

-Azerbaijan’s central bank has called on local banks to halt operations with the world’s top payment transfer company, Western Union because it works in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

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Azerbaijan.Preparation for war continues.

Russian magazine Moscow Defense Brief published the list of reported deliveries of military equipment to Azerbaijan in 2000–2007. Whatever we say, the list is rather impressive and it seems as though Azerbaijan is going to fight against the whole region. Shortly after the publication Defense Minister of Azerbaijan hurried to disclaim the statement, naturally, shifting the blame onto the «Armenian intrigues».
/PanARMENIAN.Net/ In 2007 Azerbaijan signed a contract with the Arzamas Machine Building Plant for delivery in 2008 of a few Russian BTR-90 and 70 BTR-80A. One of the conditions of the agreement reached in 2002 over the status of the Gabalina radar station was the provision of military assistance to modernize Azerbaijan’s air force and air defense systems, train the Azeri military in Russia, and provide repair services for military equipment. Turkey provided the greatest amount of aid, reaching a total of 170 million USD in 2005. According to Undersecretary for Defense Industry of Turkey Murad Bayar, Ankara is presently considering the possibility of producing new tanks in the territory of Azerbaijan for the Armed Forces of both countries. According to him, the appropriate agreement may be signed between the defense authorities of the two countries in the current month. “We can also join efforts in producing robot planes and mine-detectors,” the Minister added. In his words Turkey has also suggested Azerbaijan modernization of T-72 tanks.
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