Ter-Petrosyan is going to history.

Living The Slogan “We Will Win” Under The Ruins
   “I will be the last one to leave the movement,” leader of the “pan-national” movement Levon Ter-Petrosyan announced during the June 20 demonstration in front of Matenadaran.
   No more than one week after this announcement the process of leaving the movement began.
   Leader of Marxist Party David Hakobyan publicly announced about his decision to quit the “everlasting” struggle.
   Most probably David Hakobyan’s decision to leave the struggle is not a painful fact for the movement, they can show that everything is ok. But let’s remember the inspiration of LTP and his supporters during the presidential campaign when the head of the Marxist party announced about joining them.

   At that time the unification of some social organizations and one-man parties was a matter of enthusiasm for them, especially in case of the leader of Marxist party who is very popular due to his eloquent and funny speech.
   By delivering regular speeches in the Theatrical Square the main Marxist was sure that “Levon Bek’s” victory is out of question, and that only “Levon the lion-hearted” can save the country and the nation. But today he speaks about the bankruptcy of Levon’s ” tactical arsenal, not hiding his deep disappointment.
   In general, June 20 demonstration displayed that the courage of the revolutionaries is not the same as it was before. No matter how much they assure that they are full of determination, anyway there was lack of enthusiasm during this meeting.
   Therefore the main Marxist is starting a new life, especially because the regular elections are not very far and he hasn’t time and efforts to waste. That is why there is no sense to go after “Levon Bek”. Especially because the last resolution passed by PACE closed the question of extraordinary elections. In this case as the main Marxist says only a fool would be attached to the old “boss”.
   By the way during the recent days there is no information about new hunger strikes in Yerablur, no “political walks” in the Northern Avenue.
   As we now LTP’s other companion-in-arm Aram Karapetyan has left the country, allegedly to solve his heart problem. By the way the latter didn’t shift his family to Armenia. Of course the leader of “Nor Jamanakner” party hasn’t come out with an announcement to quit the struggle, but the fact that he doesn’t have any intentions to leave Moscow means that he has no intentions to link his political activity with Levon.
   We must mention that the leader the People’s Party of Armenia as well has nothing to do with the movement, who was from the beginning a “sleeve of a vest” in this movement. During the recent days the leader of “Hanrapetutyun” party is also not as active as he used to be. Let alone the fact that Hovhannes Hovhannisyan is deprived of the title of a party-leader.
   Thus after the coming demonstration we will see who will be the next one from LTP’s companions-in-arm to leave the “movement”. The guys are on holiday and we hope they will have time to think about their struggle which has already met a complete deadlock.”


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