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Moldova. Twitter revolution.

Students in Moldova are using Twitter as a tool to mobilize opposition against a communist victory in Moldovian elections. According to reports, close to 10,000 protesters gathered at Moldova’s parliament in Chisinau, Moldova’s capital and were able to eventually break through police lines to storm into the building. From looking at the tweets on the subject, it appears that the demonstration turned into a violent coup attempt.

In the last 48 hours, students from Moldova have been tweeting, trying to rally others into demonstrating against the communists. If you look under the search terms “pman” (stands for Piata Marii Adunari Nationale, a square in Chisinau) or “Chisinau,” you can see the tweets about the demonstration coming in a rapid pace. There are also videos on YouTube of the protest. There have been reports that there is limited cellphone reception in the square (thought to have been turned off by authorities). So protesters are using Twitter to give live updates via GPRS networks on their mobile devices.

Twitter has long-been been a popular platform for breaking news, but this adds a new twist to the powerful capabilities of the micro-blogging service. The protests no doubt would have happened anyway and it is not clear how may of the actual protesters in Moldova are on Twitter. But it seems to be helping both as a coordinating tool and as a way to disseminate information about the events that are unfolding to the rest of the world.

Here are a few sample tweets:

“Chisinau – live feed from Radio Vocea Basarabiei is intrerrupted. will retransmit later. where are the official authorities?”
“RT @Moscovici: Protesters report police attacks protesters. Severe fights between police and protesters now in Chisinau, Moldova. #pman”
“The #twitter revolution – Twitter as the organizing tool for protests in Chisinau

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Moldova. Another color revolution?

Interesting event are going on in Moldova. Like year ago in Armenia, the same scenario.

Many intersting pictures from Moldova and some video showing  young democRats.

Translation on Twitter

Videochannel on Youtube.


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Cronicles of 1-march 2008/Yerevan

As we know, the members of the NA interim committee dealing with the investigation of the March 1-2 incidents and their causes recently visited the Police military unit No. 10/33 with the purpose of meeting with the commanders and finding out the circumstances of the death of Tigran Abgaryan, a serviceman who was injured during the March 1-2 incidents and passed away 40 days later.
   Commander of the military unit Arsen Galstyan gave the committee members a thorough description on the number of the servicemen of the unit, the main tools of their armament and the process of the activities of the demonstrators and servicemen. He pointed out that on March 1, around 7 o’clock in the morning, the detachment consisting of 200 servicemen was deployed in the neighborhood of the opera; at that time, the territory was already cleared of the demonstrators.
   The servicemen were already armed with individual tools of protection, rubber clubs, anti-attack shields and plastic helmets. Their armament consisted of special chemical means and bullets with gas grenades (“Tcheryomoukha 4”, “Tcheryomoukha 7”, “Siren-6” and 6 karabin rifles – KS-23, that were envisaged for shooting highly explosive shells filled with gas).

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During its yesterday’s session the NA Temporary Committee investigating the results of March 1-2 developments touched upon the circumstances of the death cases and the results of the forensic expertise. For that purpose the committee invited the Director of the Scientific-Practical Center of Forensic Expertise Shota Vardanyan.

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Many people argue about the issue of “why did Georgian president Mikhail Sahakashvily invade South Ossia just before the Olympic games in Beijing?” But it is a big question whether the Georgian President takes decision by himself.
   Actually if we observe the results of the invasion of the Georgian army into South Ossetia from the point of view of Georgian nationalist, then we will come to a conclusion that Sahakashvily is either a Russian agent or he has mental problems.

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Armenia.1-st of March 2008.Update from police.

The only issue included in the agenda of yesterday’s session of the interim parliamentary committee investigating the March 1-2 events and their causes concerned the disclosure of the details and circumstances of the incident that took place on the Theatrical Square in the morning of March 1 and the clarification of the operations of the police officers. To this end, Major-General ALEXANDER AFYAN, Deputy Chief of the Police, was invited to the committee session.

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Armenian National Congress.Another soap buble?

“Analyzing the present situation and having the objective to liven the social-political activeness in September, the center of the movement considers it very important not to stop holding massive events, sit in and hunger strikes, as well as realize the idea of Armenian National Congress,” Ter-Petrosyan announced during the demonstration yesterday.

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