Destruction of armenian graves in Georgia.

No words. Just photos.

How georgians are destructing armenian graves in the yard of Norashen church in Tbilisi.


Сегодня, 16 ноября, отец Тариел Сикинчелашвили вместе с рабочими, вооружёнными бульдозером, начали снос могил Михаила Ивановича и Лидии Петровны Тамамшевых, расположенных у армянской церкви Норашен.



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4 responses to “Destruction of armenian graves in Georgia.

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  2. Sasha

    This photo do not show destroying of armenian graves. I can’t see graves there. By the way i am russian and live in Tbilisi and want to say that Armenians lived peacfully in Georgia for a long time and they pretend on a Churches which are realy Georgians and dating 6th century. As we know armenians reseatled in Tbilisi in 15th century, so it’s interesting how they built Church dating 6th century.

    • Karine

      Dear Sasha, lemme remind u that armenians have lived in Georgia from earlier than as you call it 15th century. And if you had some skills in architecture you would probably differentiate between armenian and georgian styles of costructing churches…read some information and then go and compare….

  3. john

    Dear Sasha,

    where was Georgia when Armenia and the Armenians believed in christianity and were building churches, where do you think the Georgians got their building style from sasha? ARMENIANS, by the way Mesrop Mashtots, an Armenian created the Georgian alphabet, so do a little more researh

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