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Moldova. Another color revolution?

Interesting event are going on in Moldova. Like year ago in Armenia, the same scenario.

Many intersting pictures from Moldova and some video showing  young democRats.




Translation on Twitter

Videochannel on Youtube.



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The Presidential Elections of Armenia/DISCLOSURES

The Strategic Research Center of Moscow has published an analytical report entitled “The Presidential Elections of Armenia from the Point of View of Ex-President L. Ter-Petrosyan’s Influence on the Internal Political and Electoral Processes”.

The “Analytical Report” provides a detailed description of the stages of Ter-Petrosyan’s political career from 1988 onwards. In particular, the Russian analysts provide the following information on L. Ter-Petrosyan’s political steps:

“L. Ter-Petrosyan did not stand close to the sources of the Karabakh Movement; he joined it later, after feeling that this force might bring him to power. And the fact that he, together with his companions-in-arms, was arrested by Mr. Gorbachov’s decree made him a hero. And that he was released just six months later is estimated as a proof of the fact that Mr. Ter-Petrosyan was recruited by the Soviet Intelligence Services.

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