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Armenian National Congress collecting money for new revolution

During the recent times the representatives of the Armenian National Congress and L. Ter-Petrosyan personally are making efforts to liven up their movement, which is in evident crisis.


Whereas as a result of the discussions the Neo-Bolsheviks came to a conclusion that the lack of finance is the main reason for such sad situation. That is why they decided to solve the issue of finance before restarting their demonstration stage from February 2009. In particular they have started to “legalize” the suspicious sums received from the USA by means of different strange organizations, to show the international community and the Armenian society that they carry out their activity with “clean” money.

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Armenian National Congress.Another soap buble?

“Analyzing the present situation and having the objective to liven the social-political activeness in September, the center of the movement considers it very important not to stop holding massive events, sit in and hunger strikes, as well as realize the idea of Armenian National Congress,” Ter-Petrosyan announced during the demonstration yesterday.

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