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Turkish songs are banned in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has banned Turkish songs on the radio and television in Azerbaijan as a protest against the (talks toward the) opening of the Turkish border with Armenia. Azeris are readying themselves to demonstrate in front of Turkey’s embassy in Baku, and a boycot of Turkish goods is also on the agenda.

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Western Union international money transfer system is prohibited in Armenia.

According to the Armenian Central Bank Council August 25 decision, Western Union international money transfer system is prohibited in Armenia. The council decided to prohibit participation of the Armenian banks in the mentioned system and annul the contracts with it. The decision is motivated by the Armenian banks’ risk management.

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Azerbaijan warns “Western Union” for operations in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic

-Azerbaijan’s central bank has called on local banks to halt operations with the world’s top payment transfer company, Western Union because it works in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

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Azerbaijan.Preparation for war continues.

Russian magazine Moscow Defense Brief published the list of reported deliveries of military equipment to Azerbaijan in 2000–2007. Whatever we say, the list is rather impressive and it seems as though Azerbaijan is going to fight against the whole region. Shortly after the publication Defense Minister of Azerbaijan hurried to disclaim the statement, naturally, shifting the blame onto the «Armenian intrigues».
/PanARMENIAN.Net/ In 2007 Azerbaijan signed a contract with the Arzamas Machine Building Plant for delivery in 2008 of a few Russian BTR-90 and 70 BTR-80A. One of the conditions of the agreement reached in 2002 over the status of the Gabalina radar station was the provision of military assistance to modernize Azerbaijan’s air force and air defense systems, train the Azeri military in Russia, and provide repair services for military equipment. Turkey provided the greatest amount of aid, reaching a total of 170 million USD in 2005. According to Undersecretary for Defense Industry of Turkey Murad Bayar, Ankara is presently considering the possibility of producing new tanks in the territory of Azerbaijan for the Armed Forces of both countries. According to him, the appropriate agreement may be signed between the defense authorities of the two countries in the current month. “We can also join efforts in producing robot planes and mine-detectors,” the Minister added. In his words Turkey has also suggested Azerbaijan modernization of T-72 tanks.
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In the article is spoken about information activity carried out in the Azerbaijani mass media classified by their main directions and the names given to them conventionally. It is especially accentuated the fact that a seriously prepared, far reaching information warfare is being waged against Armenia not yielding to open military operations and even posing serious dangers.

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President of the Republic of Armenia.100th -day

Dear Compatriots,
Today is the 100th -day of my activity in the position of the President of the Republic of Armenia. Hundred days, which is a symbolic chance to sum up the works done, and to highlight over again the agenda of the priorities for the development of our country. The previous 100 days were aimed at touching upon the expectations, hopes and demands of thousands of our citizens. To create grounds for the continuation of those changes, which are the direct imperatives of the country’s future development.
The conversation is about all the spheres of activity: internal and foreign policy, the perfection of the security and armed forces, the police and the judicial system, productive economic policy, including tax and customs service. There are spheres, where, in a short period of time, we managed to record success. In all the other spheres the results will very soon be visible.
I have started to put into operation my program which most of you have approved, which includes settlement of many concrete and important issues. The previous 100 days showed that we will manage to solve most of them much earlier than we expected and we will need a long period of time to settle some of them, a long period, but not more than we have planed.
Believe me I’m not saying that you must wait, because even I can’t wait. I want to see all the problems solved as soon as possible. I want to see the positive results of the struggle against injustice, indifference and poverty.
At the end of the 100 days of my term of office I would like to appeal to you to answer to one question: “What changes have you noticed during this period of time?”
Unfortunately some people are very pessimistic about the changes made in the country. With my consistence I’m trying to change their pessimism. Our work won’t be limited to 100 days. This working style will turn into a norm.
Dear compatriots,
I have always been in touch with you, openly and sincerely. And today I’m as sincere as usual. But we need to be optimistic to realize our programs.
Even when you do a small job you must be well disposed. As a society we must try to realize big programs, make big changes, and appreciate our country’s development process.
You must remember that you are the citizens of independent Armenia and today we are writing the new page of our history. And the history doesn’t depend on the President only. Our children and grandchildren will also participate in it.
My desire and goal is to see them living in free, democratic, and developed Armenia.
We will create that Armenia together.”


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  • ” The European Union member countries recognize the Azerbaijani territorial integrity, but it does not mean that they are against giving the population of Nagorno Karabakh the right of self-determination”, announced International Crisis Group’s Europe Program Director Sabine Freizer in an interview to Azerbaijani “Day az”.
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