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New Blog about Khojaly events

Due to increasing of azeris propaganda in Internet concerned with Khojaly events on 26 Febyary 1992,  new blog iscreated with useful info and links helping to stop azeris attack in the Web.

Justice for Khojaly


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Gurgen Margaryan. 5 years passed……


Armenian citizen Gurgen Margaryan, 26 years old, was hacked to death while asleep by Ramil Safarov, a Lieutenant of the Azerbaijani Army. Both were participants of an English language training course within the framework of the NATO-sponsored “Partnership for Peace” program held in Budapest, Hungary.

First interrogation of Ramil Safarov.

[Interrogator:] Do you know the names of the attacked person or the person you wanted to attack?

[Safarov:] I appeared in the middle of the hall, where I was about to go, I tried to open the door, it opened, it wasn’t close. I turned on the light and I saw the following things in the room: Entering the door on the left bed the Armenian was lying facing the wall. The Hungarian was on the right hand side bed, I didn’t pay any attention the way he was lying. As I turned on the light the Armenian turned to his back, trying to open his eyes, but at that time I hit him at his forehead with the flat side of the axe. At that time Hungarian guy woke up and told me in English: ”Please, please, [unclear]”

I told him this is not your business; this is the business of Armenians and azerbaijans. After this I turned the axe to the sharp side and I afflicted to the middle of his neck, and I don’t know where else, but I hit him on his leg too.

[Interrogator:] How many times did you hit with the axe?

[Safarov:] Three times on his neck and if I remember right with the flat side of the axe I hit on his face, at that time if I remember well [unclear] after hit on his arm and his leg. As I remember around 6-7 or maybe 8 could be the number of hits, but I do not really remember.

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The Armenian Prime Minister visited capital Stepanakert and Shahumyan region

Finally Armenian officials found out existence of Karvachar region:)

Hope now,the wrong maps of NKR will be chamged to real ones.

On 17 January President of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic Bako Sahakyan accompanied by Premier Ara Harutyunyan visited the Shahumyan region and met there official delegation of the Republic of Armenia at the head of premier Tigran Sargsyan that arrived in the region on the same day, Central Information Department of the Office of the NKR President reported.

President Sahakyan and Prime Minister Sargsyan visited different settlements in Shahumyan region and held meetings with the population. During the meetings issues related to the current socioeconomic situation in the region and prospects of its development, as well as further deepening and strengthening of ties between the regions of the two Armenian states were discussed. Special attention was paid to the development of infrastructures, particularly the construction of Getavab-Sotk highway.

While meeting the people, President Sahakyan underlined that the Shahumyan region is a sacred place for the entire Armenian people and within this context the development of the region is of special importance to the Nagorno Karabakh Republic and is always in the spotlight of its authorities. The Head of the State also noted that several comprehensive projects are planned to be carried out in the region. The realization of these projects will have a substantial impact on the development of the region.

The Ministers of Defense, Municipal Engineering and Transport of the two Armenian states and other NKR officials accompanied the NKR President and the Armenian Prime Minister.

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Western Union international money transfer system is prohibited in Armenia.

According to the Armenian Central Bank Council August 25 decision, Western Union international money transfer system is prohibited in Armenia. The council decided to prohibit participation of the Armenian banks in the mentioned system and annul the contracts with it. The decision is motivated by the Armenian banks’ risk management.

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Azerbaijan.Preparation for war continues.

Russian magazine Moscow Defense Brief published the list of reported deliveries of military equipment to Azerbaijan in 2000–2007. Whatever we say, the list is rather impressive and it seems as though Azerbaijan is going to fight against the whole region. Shortly after the publication Defense Minister of Azerbaijan hurried to disclaim the statement, naturally, shifting the blame onto the «Armenian intrigues».
/PanARMENIAN.Net/ In 2007 Azerbaijan signed a contract with the Arzamas Machine Building Plant for delivery in 2008 of a few Russian BTR-90 and 70 BTR-80A. One of the conditions of the agreement reached in 2002 over the status of the Gabalina radar station was the provision of military assistance to modernize Azerbaijan’s air force and air defense systems, train the Azeri military in Russia, and provide repair services for military equipment. Turkey provided the greatest amount of aid, reaching a total of 170 million USD in 2005. According to Undersecretary for Defense Industry of Turkey Murad Bayar, Ankara is presently considering the possibility of producing new tanks in the territory of Azerbaijan for the Armed Forces of both countries. According to him, the appropriate agreement may be signed between the defense authorities of the two countries in the current month. “We can also join efforts in producing robot planes and mine-detectors,” the Minister added. In his words Turkey has also suggested Azerbaijan modernization of T-72 tanks.
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Serzh Sargsyan.Press-conference.Part 2.

I think Armenian courts treat all citizens committing offences very mildly,” Serzh Sarkissian said in reply to A1+. We wondered what measures the Armenian authorities take with regard to the PACE recommendation to free all those detained under Articles 300 and 225 of the RoA Criminal Code.

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Armenia.Presidental elections.Part 5.

Ter-Petrosyan’s Objective: International Inquiry into the March 1 Events in Armenia

The in-depth analysis of the recent events in Armenia is still to come; nevertheless, we can draw certain conclusions. First of all, we would like to touch upon one of the extremist statements made by former Armenian presidential candidate Levon Ter-Petrosyan. During the Constitutional Court hearing on March 5, 2008, the ex-President demanded that “an international inquiry into the March 1 events” be launched1.

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