Armenia should counteract to all kinds of manifestations of Armenophobia

Armenia should counteract to all kinds of manifestations of xenophobia, particularly Armenophobia, Karen Vrtanesyan, member of “Initiative against Xenophobia” organization and Director of electronic library told journalists today. To that end, the organization intends to first of all start cooperation with similar international organization and establish contacts with RA Foreign Ministry.

Over the recent years, manifestations of xenophobia were often observed not only in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Russia, but also in United States, Karen Vrtanesyan said, referring to the Armenian individual’s brutal murder in RF, as well as American radio reporter’s recent statement containing hints of Armenophobia.

To prevent such phenomena, the organization intends to conduct permanent monitoring and analysis so as to hold culprits accountable and organize civic pressure actions.

Karen Vrtanesyan focused on Azeri MP Ganira Pashseva’s recent statement. During the PACE session held in Strasburg, Azeri parliamentarian accused Armenian delegation of numerous crimes and stressed that such manifestations should necessarily have their consequences for Azerbaijan. In that connection, “Initiative against Xenophobia” intends to apply to RA Foreign Ministry in anticipation of getting relevant response.

Answering journalists’ questions concerning funding sources, Vrtanesyan said that anti-Armenian propaganda was funded on the highest level, and unlike Armenia, individual entrepreneurs were also involved in the process. Nevertheless, participants of the initiative are determined about their further plans.

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Armenia should not ignore anti-Armenian displays irrespective of where and how they are expressed, Karen Vrtanesyan, the director of “” e-literature told the reporters.

According to him anti-Armenian activities are held not only in Azerbaijan and Turkey but in Russia, Georgia, Ukraine and USA. The best example of armenophobia is Azeri deputy Ganira Pashayeva’s speech made in PACE session when the deputy accused Armenians and finally made falsified references to Zori Balayan.

Blogger Tigran Kocharyan emphasized that anti-Armenian campaign are held all over the world and Azeri diplomats, Ambassadors take active participation in them. “A generation of politicians, diplomats, analysts and scientists grows up which spreads unjustified information about Armenians which has negative influence,” Kocharyan said.


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