Next US President : A Republic Day Speech

My fellow Armenians!

Ninety-one years ago your nation has reestablished a long-cherished statehood in the territory of “Sev Jandam”. The courage of the passionate visionaries who stood up for the patriotic “chmoyutyun” should live on in our hearts just as it lives on in the hearts of Armenians.

My dear fellows, many of you may think I have totally “qaqmej”-ed your expectations on April 24. Let me yell a “No” to those people. I have been in long consultation both with your Government and your opposition, who appeared to be rather “esh kerats esh metsatsats” professionals and must assure you that we are on the right track.   

The people of America and the President will continue to “qtsel” the US nationals of Armenian origin. You have been devoted citizens to this country and unique patriots in building prosperous and proud United States. We should always remember your “tiroj maman” in building our foreign strategies. Yes, we can!

My friends… Today I stand with you and Armenians everywhere with a sense of solidarity, “tqats unem”ism and “paxaq stuts”ism.

God Bless America!


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