Turkish songs are banned in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has banned Turkish songs on the radio and television in Azerbaijan as a protest against the (talks toward the) opening of the Turkish border with Armenia. Azeris are readying themselves to demonstrate in front of Turkey’s embassy in Baku, and a boycot of Turkish goods is also on the agenda.

…Azerbaijan wants to increase the price of natural gas sold to Turkey through the Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum pipeline to 300 dollars…Turkey obtains 12% of its needed natural gas from Azerbaijan.
Considering the importance of the Nagorno-Karabakh region for Azerbaijan I can actually understand the protests and any plans that individuals want to make for a boycot of goods (since that’s their right as individuals), but attempting to suddenly raise the price of natural gas for political reasons is never a good idea for a country that wants to be taken seriously as a stable energy supplier, and the similarities between the two languages make a banning of Turkish songs rather ridiculous. And what about the Turkish used in Iğdır, which resembles Azeri Turkish more than that found in Istanbul? And what of other dialects that resemble it somewhat as well, are these to be banned? No, the problems between Turkey and Azerbaijan are political, not linguistic. Attempting to bring language into the discussion when 1) language isn’t even the issue and 2) the languages are similar enough that they’re basically just two standards of the same language, is ridiculous.




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4 responses to “Turkish songs are banned in Azerbaijan

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  2. Tigran,

    The story is not true.


    Maybe PanArmenian.Net will one day learn to check facts? Is it too much to ask?

  3. realarmenia

    Onnik,I got it not from Panarmenian.
    By the way,you know them and can tell it directly to Pan people:)
    By the way,another fake from Azeris side was proclamation of azeris genocide by the Nevada governor,have you heard about it?

  4. Azeri

    It makes u sad because Turkish and azeris are brothers ,and nothing can damage our relations.From News like these u get only consolation for u

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