Hayk Demoyan:Opening of Armenian-Turkish border is no longer considered a manna from heaven for Armenia.

We have all preconditions necessary for establishment of diplomatic relations with Ankara, Armenian Genocide Museum Director Hayk Demoyan told a news conference in Yerevan. “If Turkey refuses to establish diplomatic ties with Armenia, international community will take it as reluctance to be on friendly terms with their neighbors,” Demoyan noted. When questioned about the possibility of Turkish Armenian border opening, the Museum Director stressed that even if Ankara does not open borders, Turkey will sign some document on a possibility to open it.

“Opening borders have both positive and negative aspects for Armenia. We have to carefully analyze the challenges not to fall into dependence on Turkey. We mustn’t forget that Turkey is a country that has several scenario developments up their sleeve,” Demoyan said adding that Turkey remains the chief ally for Azerbaijan, the country waging undeclared war with Armenia.

“In financial crisis circumstances eastern provinces of Turkey became very vulnerable, the population in those regions also expects the opening of borders. Opening of Armenian-Turkish border is no longer considered a manna from heaven for Armenia. Those times are gone,” Demoyan stressed.



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