From my armenian friend Setrak who has visited Ani and Karslast month. And of course ,Ani jan you will be glad to see such a nice pictures.

20.02.2009 – 22.02.2009
Путешествие из Еревана в Карс и Ани

143 фотографии



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2 responses to “Yerevan-Kars-Ani

  1. Ani

    🙂 Yes, great pictures! Whenever I see photos of Ani, I feel that this is the loneliest place on Earth. Would you like to hear my idea of the international peace park of Ani, owned jointly by Turkey and Armenia–too late, you did! (Now why won’t Hillary, Erdogan, and Serjik return my calls…)

    As for Kars, well I’ve visited there through Pamuk’s “Snow,” and it looks just like I thought it would. If you haven’t read it, no more excuses, and I’m sure it’s published in Russian. Important book for Armenians to read, their absence is present in that book.

  2. thes is veri good picture but I Don’t like Turki

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