The armenian attorney is banned from defending Vahagn Chakhalian’s interests

On the eve, Vahagn Chakhalian’s protector of rights Stepan Voskanian visited Tbilisi to meet the activist. At the place of confinement, the police prevented Stepan Voskanian to meet the accused.

Vahagn Chakhalian is illegally deprived of freedom more than 7 months at Tbilisi #8 jail. The police officers told Stepan Voskanian that the latter’s license given on September 5, 2008, was not valid

“The license can be given once and consequently it does not lose its validity until the end of the trial. I am sure that all of these is specially planned, and aims at carrying on the lawsuit without the Armenian attorney. I think that Chakhalian will be sentenced illegally”, Vahagn Chakhalian’s protector of rights Stepan Voskanian told “Azg” daily.

The police officers told Stepan Voskanian that his license was given by the Georgian Ministry of Justice, which undertook changes two months ago, and that the solitary confinements appertain to another legal institution. The situation is really strange. Recently the same ‘dissolved’ Ministry of Justice rejected the license of French-Armenian attorney Patrick Arapian. Nevertheless, after long-lasting talks Voskanian was allowed to meet the Georgian-Armenian activist for the last time.

In order to assume the role of protector of rights of Vahagn Chakhalian, his father and brother, Voskanian should file a petition. He is sure that the Georgians want to gain time and solve the issue illegally. According to the Georgian legislation, after 9 months of detention the accused should be released and follow the trial in freedom.

“Vahagn Chakhalian’s 9 month-detention completes on April 21. And as there is no evidence against him, the Georgian police will try to issue a verdict until that date”, Voskanian said.

The above-mentioned confirms that Chakhalian will be convicted of his political views.

In this connection, Stepan Voskanian sent an application-letter to the Georgian Ombudsman Sozar Subarii.


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