Gurgen Margaryan. 5 years passed……


Armenian citizen Gurgen Margaryan, 26 years old, was hacked to death while asleep by Ramil Safarov, a Lieutenant of the Azerbaijani Army. Both were participants of an English language training course within the framework of the NATO-sponsored “Partnership for Peace” program held in Budapest, Hungary.

First interrogation of Ramil Safarov.

[Interrogator:] Do you know the names of the attacked person or the person you wanted to attack?

[Safarov:] I appeared in the middle of the hall, where I was about to go, I tried to open the door, it opened, it wasn’t close. I turned on the light and I saw the following things in the room: Entering the door on the left bed the Armenian was lying facing the wall. The Hungarian was on the right hand side bed, I didn’t pay any attention the way he was lying. As I turned on the light the Armenian turned to his back, trying to open his eyes, but at that time I hit him at his forehead with the flat side of the axe. At that time Hungarian guy woke up and told me in English: ”Please, please, [unclear]”

I told him this is not your business; this is the business of Armenians and azerbaijans. After this I turned the axe to the sharp side and I afflicted to the middle of his neck, and I don’t know where else, but I hit him on his leg too.

[Interrogator:] How many times did you hit with the axe?

[Safarov:] Three times on his neck and if I remember right with the flat side of the axe I hit on his face, at that time if I remember well [unclear] after hit on his arm and his leg. As I remember around 6-7 or maybe 8 could be the number of hits, but I do not really remember.

[Interrogator:] In which hand did you hold the axe and how?

[Safarov:] As I’m being right handed I hold it in my right hand. Answering the question, when I afflicted by the axe I stood at armenian’s head. When I afflicted on his neck with the sharp side of the axe, then I afflicted from the top pf my head three times. Since the handle of the axe was long, the other hits were made in the same movement. Going back to the Hungarian guy, he run out form the room and in the next room and woke up the Uzbek and Ukrainian students, if I know it well then he went to the security on the first floor. The Hungarian guy except shouting at me did not obstruct me from finishing what I have planed, because when he saw me I’ve seen on him that he was very frightened, he was shacking, he became white, but physically he did not obstruct. Answering the question, I had a black bound hat on me and ADIDAS jogging and sport shoes. In the pocket of the trousers there was knife.

When I afflicted, in the first hit I did it in silent, after that I started to shout at the plaintiff and abused him.


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