Jewish pogrom in Sumgait ?

According to the Israeli site, in some areas of Sumgait (Azerbaijan) were several cases of robbery at an apartment owned by Jewish families.  According to preliminary data  about 12 people were affected who were taken to a hospital ambulance with injuries of varying degrees of severity, including knife wounds. 
Presumably, this outbreak of violence, most likely linked to recent events in Gaza.



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One response to “Jewish pogrom in Sumgait ?

  1. Meanwhile, there are NO confirmations of this report at all, and only denials.

    MOSCOW (JTA) — The head Chabad rabbi of Azerbaijan denounced reports of orchestrated attacks on Jews.


    In subsequent statements, the Interior Ministry of Azerbaijan and the local police in Sumgait denied reports by the Armenian news agency, saying there were no organized efforts to attack Jews in the country. A spokesman for the Jewish community in Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital, confirmed their assertions.


    Marina Ananykyan, the head editor of PanArmenian, told JTA that political provocation was not the agency’s intention, though she said they had not been able to confirm any more details of the Sumgait attacks.

    Ananykyan said her agency had never used AzerTopNews as a source for stories and did not know why the site closed down the day after the attacks.


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