Armenian National Congress collecting money for new revolution

During the recent times the representatives of the Armenian National Congress and L. Ter-Petrosyan personally are making efforts to liven up their movement, which is in evident crisis.


Whereas as a result of the discussions the Neo-Bolsheviks came to a conclusion that the lack of finance is the main reason for such sad situation. That is why they decided to solve the issue of finance before restarting their demonstration stage from February 2009. In particular they have started to “legalize” the suspicious sums received from the USA by means of different strange organizations, to show the international community and the Armenian society that they carry out their activity with “clean” money.

So on December 20-21 a fund-raising TV-marathon will be held in California (Los Angeles, Glandale), where there are lots of Armenians, and the whole profit will be sent to Armenia via “ArmEconomBank”, and used for the political activity of the Armenian National Congress.

In other words, the leadership of the Armenian National Congress has initiated this not very honorable way of obtaining money to be able to destabilize the internal political situation in spring 2009. To take to the streets the socially insecure groups and the youth organizations, and provoke local clashes in Yerevan streets, as well as allocate money for black PR, etc.

As regards the organization of the fund raising, the Armenian National Congress is doing it in a very coordinative and knowledgeable way, as a result of which they anticipate huge amounts of money. For that purpose

all the levers of “Hnchakyan” Party have been put into practice. The activity is coordinated by famous political figure belonging to “Hnchakyan” Party one of the heads of L. Ter-Petrosyan’s headquarter in Los-Angeles, Hambik Safaryan.

Recently Vahan Shirkhanyan who recently became member of “Hnchakyan” Party and who is famous for his “organizational skills” was sent to the USA on a business trip. We should remind you that still before the Parliamentary elections of 2007, together with Alik Arzumanyan, this person used to import money for the Union “Impeachment”. Vahan Shirkhanyan decided to use the same trick during his visit to the USA.

After Vahan Shirkhanyan Manushak Petrosyan was sent to the USA, who is in Los Angeles these days. By using her experience and contacts, which she had gained as the President of “Hayastan” pan Armenian foundation, Manushak is having different meetings with Diaspora Armenian and not only Armenian families, organizations and reaches arrangements on the amount of the money to be allocated for this marathon.

According to the available information L. Ter-Petrosyan’s team-members (L. Zurabyan, Avetis Avagyan, Ashot Sargsyan) by e-mail, exhort the diamonds of the American-Armenian community to participate in this marathon.

But they are not satisfied with all the before mentioned. By L. Ter-Petrosyan’s recommendation the PR group of the Armenian National Congress, together with the journalists of “A1+” TV company, have prepared certain video records and DVDs, with the participation of certain political figures, intellectuals, and public organizations, where they exhort the American Armenian community to allocate much money to the fund raising TV marathon.

Our reliable sources in the Armenian National Congress report, member of the PR group Tigran Paskevichyan was going to take those tapes and documentary materials to the USA, but he was rejected in the US Embassy in Armenia.

But Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s team didn’t lose courage. They came to a decision; they decided to send the Press Secretary of the Armenian National Congress, member of L. Ter-Petrosyan’s PR group Arman Musinyan to the USA for the same purpose. The latter has already left for the USA on December 11, by Yerevan-Paris-Los Angeles flight.

According to the available information A. Musinyan is going to hold active advocacy by different TV companies in the Armenian populated cities in California for the promotion of the marathon. He will meet with the representatives of Los-Angeles based offices supporting Levon Ter-Petrosyan, certain individuals and organizations.

A. Musinyan is also recommended to smooth out the confrontation between the groups belonging to Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s lawyer in Los Angeles Karen Karapetyan and TV journalist, host of the series of program “Varaguyr” Rudik Hovsepyan.

But this is also not enough. To ensure the success of the marathon, Levon Ter-Petrosyan is going to send his “heavy artillery” D. Shahnazaryan to the USA, from December 19 to 28, to supervise the organizational activity and the flow of money.

Judging from Ter-Petrosyan’s surrounding, and the previous experience, we can definitely say that only half of the donated money will be allocated for the revolutionary activity, the families of the detained and the activists. The other part will be used for their own interests.

What a pity! They could have built schools and set up charity organizations with this money and really help those who are in need.




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    8 responses to “Armenian National Congress collecting money for new revolution

    1. Ani

      News flash, Tigran, political parties don’t actually run on fairy dust! In the U.S., Democrats and Republicans spend most of their time, it seems, fundraising. So why shouldn’t the ANC have a fundraiser?

      (Careful, your inner Putin is showing–pretty soon we’ll have to call you Vladyoshka…)

    2. Who are “we” and how many are you?
      Your inner Levon is showing-pretty,sooner I’ll call you Nikolka…)

    3. Ani

      Just the royal “we,” Pigh-jan–sorry, my tiara slipped…

    4. Levon Naxagah

      Payqar minchev verj!

    5. Ani

      [rough Google translation of a choice bit]

      Democracy – it is, among other things, a very efficient way to prevent revolutions. « Sovereign Democracy» in Russian, as well as any authoritarianism, by contrast, makes any serious objection is not simply «Threat to the regime», but also threaten the stability of the country. In this sense, the economic crisis – the most suitable time for a political thaw, and not to further « «Twist nuts». (закручивания гаек». )

    6. John Bliss

      I suggest you to change the name of your blog into “Hayotc Ashxarh” as the thiongs you present is not Real Armenia`s
      Real Armenia is Political Prisoners, anticonstitutional dictatorship of Serjik Sarkisyan and terroristic banditocracy !

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