Cronicles of 1-march 2008/Yerevan

As we know, the members of the NA interim committee dealing with the investigation of the March 1-2 incidents and their causes recently visited the Police military unit No. 10/33 with the purpose of meeting with the commanders and finding out the circumstances of the death of Tigran Abgaryan, a serviceman who was injured during the March 1-2 incidents and passed away 40 days later.
   Commander of the military unit Arsen Galstyan gave the committee members a thorough description on the number of the servicemen of the unit, the main tools of their armament and the process of the activities of the demonstrators and servicemen. He pointed out that on March 1, around 7 o’clock in the morning, the detachment consisting of 200 servicemen was deployed in the neighborhood of the opera; at that time, the territory was already cleared of the demonstrators.
   The servicemen were already armed with individual tools of protection, rubber clubs, anti-attack shields and plastic helmets. Their armament consisted of special chemical means and bullets with gas grenades (“Tcheryomoukha 4”, “Tcheryomoukha 7”, “Siren-6” and 6 karabin rifles – KS-23, that were envisaged for shooting highly explosive shells filled with gas).

   As mentioned by Armen Antonyan, Head of military unit No. 10/33, they were instructed to move to the intersection of Grigor Lousavorich and Paronyan streets at around 19:00 p.m., after being deployed in Mashtots Avenue. In that period, the demonstrators initiated provocative acts against the soldiers; they threw stones and burning bottles to them and shouted insults.
   According to Mr. Antonyan, 4-5 servicemen were poisoned by the special means used against them, and some others received missile wounds. The demonstrators burnt down the ambulance car of the military unit, which had several injured soldiers lying inside.
   At around 21:00-22:00 in the evening, when the soldiers tried to block the way with barbed wires, the crowd attacked the UAZ vehicle, forced the soldiers out by beating them and confiscated the vehicle which was later used for running over Gevorg Tevanyan.
   The demonstrators used a great pressure, and the detachment, according to A. Antonyan, retreated from Leo Street. A grenade was thrown at them, but fortunately, it fell between the wall and two parked vehicles. The vehicles were totally damaged. One of the officers received missile wounds there.
   After a short while, Tigran Abgaryan, a serviceman standing in the first ranks, fell down unexpectedly. It turned out that he had received a fire-arm injury on the neck. Because the ambulance of the military unit had burnt down, it was impossible to provide first aid to the injured immediately. A little later, he was moved to hospital.
   So, what’s described above exactly coincides with the instructions of Nikol Pashinyan when the latter announced, “Our guys have occupied the bridge of the avenue. We need 50 volunteers; it’s necessary to move forward and strengthen our positions. Around 200-300 people should move forward to the fish store and strengthen our positions next to the other shops. Our guys guard the barbed wires, hurrah!”
   And he also announced, “Dear people, this papa has brought news that all the soldiers standing in the avenue have escaped” and generally, “the whole process is under control.” Then he spoke into the microphone, asking Myasnik Malkhasyan, Hakob Hakobyan, Sassoun Makaelyan and the heads of LTP’s campaign headquarters to approach the platform for conducting a discussion over the course of their further activities.
   By the way, the operator of “A1+” worked in the same section of the road (the intersection of Gr. Lousavorich-Paronyan streets), and what’s even more, the time of filming the scenes coincides with the description of the Head of the military unit. But for some reason, he “didn’t notice” the soldiers injured as a result of the operations of the “peaceful demonstrators” and didn’t film them. Or, he “pretended not to notice” the burning ambulance car and the other vehicles damaged by the grenades. Leaving aside Tigran Abgaryan who was falling down, he hurried to take pictures of the body parts of the piglet “stained with blood”.
   We wonder whether the members of the interim committee will try to combine the description given in the military unit with the speeches of the revolutionaries or they will lean on the allegations of the activists who persist in their statements that the police testimonies and the information obtained from the military unit cannot be considered reliable.





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