Vic Darchinyan takes WBC,WBA,IBf superflyweight titles!

Vik Darchinyan did it! 
The right cross and left hook in the 9th round knocked-out Mijares.
All three judges had the same points – 79-72, which means that Mijares has won only one round of 9. 
Vik got 3 belts (IBF, WBO, WBC) and ranked  first in the history of boxing absolute champion in super flyweight


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8 responses to “Vic Darchinyan takes WBC,WBA,IBf superflyweight titles!

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  3. VIk Darchinyan the best boxer I know! Vakhtang forever!!!

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  6. Vic Darchinyan is the first ever Armenian boxer champion in all the world. I wish him new super victories and happy life.

    Robert Khatchatrian

  7. Again victory. Vic is absolute chempione!!!!!

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