Oragne to become Armenia’s third cellular operator

Oragne, a world-famous subsidiary of France Telecom has been chosen to become Armenia’s third cellular operator after submitting the highest bid for a relevant government license, said Susanna Tonoyan, a spokesperson for the Armenian Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Orange offered 51.5 million euros ($72 million) for the license, well above the government’s minimum asking price of 10 million euros. The two other bidders, Tele2 AB of Sweden and the British-Irish group CEO Blackrock Communications, offered 45.6 million and 31.7 million euros respectively.

Orange will operate with +374 (0) 55 and +374 (0) 95 codes. If by the end of the first operation year the operator fails to distribute more than 60 per cent of the numbers, the Public Services Regulatory Commission of the Republic of Armenia is entitled to appropriate the unused ones.

The new operator will be provided with GSM frequencies and possibility of 3G services.


Also you can find more from Ditord’s blog.


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