Baku launches the procedure of granting Azerbaijani citizenship to the residents of Georgia’s Kvemo-Kartli (Borchaly

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ According to some Turkish and Azeri sources, Baku and Ankara intend to increase pressure on Georgia for “federalization” of the country.

Turkey and Azerbaijan are going to urge Tbilisi to restore Ajaria’s de facto autonomy, to grant a special status to the Azeri minority of Kvemo-Kartli and repatriate Turks-Meskhetians to Georgia.

Ajarian autonomy has been actually abolished by Saakashvili’s government in 2004. Pursuing a tough policy of “georgification”, Tbilisi forces Ajars to register as Georgian Muslims. Turks-Meskhetians are urged to restore “their Georgian surnames.”

Azeri media quoted a source in the Foreign Ministry as saying that Baku launches the procedure of granting Azerbaijani citizenship to the residents of Georgia’s Kvemo-Kartli (Borchaly). The source said that upon completion of the procedure, Azerbaijan will demand a status of autonomy for the region and in case of Georgia’s rejection will send troops there, RBC-daily reports.

Meanwhile, Milliyet Turkish daily quoted a Turkish MFA official who, on condition of anonymity, spoke of ‘guarantees of Turkic population in Georgia.’ Creation of a federation is the only way to maintain Georgia’s territorial integrity, according to him.



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6 responses to “Baku launches the procedure of granting Azerbaijani citizenship to the residents of Georgia’s Kvemo-Kartli (Borchaly

  1. Ani

    I think this came from the sources that Paul Goble cited in his post last week:

    ANKARA, BAKU MAY SEEK TO REVIVE AJARIAN AUTONOMY. According to some analysts, Turkey and Azerbaijan may seek to revive the provisions of the 1921 Treaty of Kars which gives them a voice in the status of Ajaria, something Mikhail Saakashvili has generally ignored. Were they to do so, one analyst says, the two Turkic states might ask for full autonomy for the Ajars and some autonomy for Azerbaijanis living in eastern Georgia (

    SOME RUSSIANS WANT TO DISMEMBER GEORGIA FURTHER. Some Russian commentators have extended Eurasianist Aleksandr Dugin’s proposals for Georgia and argued that Moscow must divide Georgia into a number of mini-states so that they will not be in a position to threaten Russia again (

  2. Ani jan,in my opinion Georgia has the only chance to remain as a state,only if re-organized to Federation.
    Otherwise,we will remember Georgia only from historical books.

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  4. Ani

    Well, you may be right, but a semi-independent Ajaria would be more than a bit unpleasant for Armenia, no?

    I also think that Turkey shouldn’t play around too much with early twentieth-century treaties, though…. And also, there are some Kurdish people who’d like the same thing done for them in “Turkey”, so there are an awful lot of glass houses that the Turks, the Azeris, and the Russians are living in.

  5. realarmenia

    In my opinion Turkey will stop to exist as a state in nearest 20 years.

  6. Arpine


    i think that will be the only good thing done by turks to humanity

    as for azeri’s demand it sounds more then funny…. ov el inchi masin xoser is the right thing to say here…

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