According to information received from the Transportation and Communication Ministry of the Republic of Armenia, three companies, represented by Orange (Subsidiary of France Telecom, France), CEO Blackrock (Ireland, UK) and MSA Tele2 AB (Sweden) are contending for the license of cell operation and exploitation of relevant radio frequencies in Armenia.

The official message says that although 17 companies applied for the tender, only the aforementioned 3 companies passed the pre-qualification.

The Government also informs that the pretenders are to submit their action plans in 40 days, after which the name of the winner will be announced.



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  1. Three companies have been shortlisted in the tender for Armenia’s 3rd mobile operator license by the Transportation and Communication Ministry. Of these, France Telecom/Orange and Tele2 AB of Sweden are highly experienced and qualifed European operators. Since both of Armenia’s existing mobile operators, Armentel and VivaCell and now majority owned by Russian companies, this shortlist has proven to be a pleasant surprise.

    But little is known about the third company shortlisted – Ireland based Blackrock Communications – and its qualifications as a potential licensee for cellular operations in Armenia. The stakes are high in this competitive tender with a minimum reserve price of US$16 million for the license and the winner being required to invest a minimum of US$320 million in the network rollout. There needs to be more transparency and further public disclosure regarding the qualifications of each of these companies before they submit their final bids on October 5 and the winners are likely to be announced within a few weeks of that closing date.

  2. avo

    please can you inform me about France Telecom’s goals in Armenia , and when it’s going 2 put it’s offices here..because i want 2 deal with them..thanks..

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