America as a Third World Nation

Nice analysis of what is going on in USA.

By the Earl of Stirling

The evil Bush administration has largely completed the process begun years ago of turning America, the most powerful and richest nation in history, into a Third World nation. I remember a lunch, about 21 years ago in Long Beach, California, with the president of an aerospace company, myself, and a senior foreign general. A comment by the general has always stayed with me. He said, “America is a very rich nation, it will take a lot to bring her down”. In the twenty some years after this, I am simply amazed at just how far one crooked president after another, with the assistance of our “bought and paid for” Congress has managed to take us.

Currently we have an economy that is being held together with bailing wire and glue until after the November election.  Continue

We have a giant agricultural industry whose genetically modified food is killing off the bees and without the bees, most of us will not have enough food to survive.


A sign of a Third World country is that its systems don’t work well because the government is for sale. When you can bribe anyone in the government to get what you want, regardless of the death and suffering that it causes to the population, that is a sign of very deep sickness in the nation. No society that allows a high level of organic corruption, of the outright buying of votes in its parliament or congress, will function well. That is why so many African and other Third World nations are failed states. This is happening more and more to America.



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3 responses to “America as a Third World Nation

  1. When I am elected president everything will be ok.
    I’ll win the wars, too.

  2. realarmenia

    You have new voter, Mr McCunt:)

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