Iran-Armenia railway.Time to start.

After the reconstruction of the bridge on Georgia-Armenia railway, the regular load on its way to Armenia was blasted over again, this time 10 km from Gory to Khashury. The blast took place when the train was passing the bridge. The loads were not previewed for Armenia they were Azerbaijani wagons loaded with fuel.



Unlike the previous one the railway was not damaged seriously. As we were informed from the Ministry of Transportation the railway has been reconstructed. A new schedule of transporting the loads has been elaborated. They hope in the Ministry that in case no new incidents happen today 35 wagons loaded with wheat will reach Armenia.

This is the third blast within ten days. As we know on August 16 the railway 40 km far from Gory has been bombarded. Taking into consideration the long term previewed for the reconstruction of the bridge it was decided to launch the small part of that sector.

The launch of the temporary sector is also important because the mentioned terms of the reconstruction of this bridge are very different. That is why it is not yet clear when the railway will be completely reconstructed. In such circumstances the launch of the passing line is indispensable.

But it was followed by two blasts, which luckily didn’t damage the bridge seriously. This fact proves that the Georgian railway is not safe, at least at this stage. In such circumstances the automobile load-transportation will most probably be launched in order to bring some emergency goods. Thousand tones of fuel and wheat have already been brought to Armenia by this road (by the way both by Georgia and Iran). The transportation of Turkmenistan fuel via Iran has been restarted.

It is very difficult to say how long will the loads be transferred to Armenia by automobile road, because everything depends on Georgian – Ossetian conflict, where the situation is not very clear.

No doubt, the situation will go from bad to worse because of the incidents taking place in the region. In the existing limited conditions of railway communication the non-operation of the Georgian railway can have a serious impact on the economy and first of all the export. Especially as we know the automobile load transportation is much more expensive than the railway. That is why not only can its absence make the internal market expensive, but also influence the foreign competitiveness of the local products.

In such circumstances the necessity of having new railway communication options with the world is becoming indispensable. Iran-Armenia railway can serve as one option. The so-called obligatory demurrage of the Georgian railway force to make the works in this direction more active. At this stage they are in process on the level of the working groups from the both countries. In September the meeting of those groups is previewed during which the latter will sum up the implemented work and plan their future activity.

Georgian-Ossetian conflict displayed that alternative railway knot is indispensable for Armenia.


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