Many people argue about the issue of “why did Georgian president Mikhail Sahakashvily invade South Ossia just before the Olympic games in Beijing?” But it is a big question whether the Georgian President takes decision by himself.
   Actually if we observe the results of the invasion of the Georgian army into South Ossetia from the point of view of Georgian nationalist, then we will come to a conclusion that Sahakashvily is either a Russian agent or he has mental problems.

   Judge yourselves the recent Georgian military drive led to the following: South Ossetia got rid of its Georgian inhabitants, Abkhazia occupied Kodor gorge, and finally the Russian troops appeared in Georgian territory – in Gory and Zugdidy. Which means that Russian “hawks” fulfilled their dream of forcing Georgia to its knees.
   We can find certain logic in the recent steps taken by Georgia, if we observe them in the context of the orders received from its backer – the US leadership.
   It is not a secret that the US made great use of the results of South-Ossian developments, by isolating its rival Russia in the international arena. The meeting of NATO member country Foreign Ministers, organized yesterday, was aimed at the before mentioned, which put forward serious demands for Russia. Later the USA and its allies can use this fact to deprive Russia from the right of organizing 2014 Olympic games.
   But this will not change anything for thousands of Georgians, who over again appeared in the role of refugees.
   Georgia is really a “special” country, as it is accepted in the present international language, it is a project-state and the decisions are taken in quite different places. By the way Ukraine is also considered a project-state.
   For the implementation of the recent bizarre decisions taken by the Georgian leadership, all the means – arms and techniques and even the “advisers” were imported from overseas. The last proof is the armaments abandoned by the Georgian army, which has been found in South Ossia and Kodor gorge, which costs hundred million dollars. The quantity of those armaments was so big that Abkhazian leadership even intended to officially thank Georgian President M. Sahakashvily.
   But neither the latter nor the Georgian servicemen are concerned about it because they are far not responsible for the recruitment of their arsenals.
   Moreover, recently Swedish journalist Wolfgang Hanson and Matthias Carlson clarified that because of the recent developments in South-Ossia Belgian PR-consultant Patrick Worm, who is also the consultant of Aspect Consulting PR-Company visited Tbilisy to organize a propaganda PR-campaign against Russia. Most of his partners in Aspect Consulting are in NATO’s headquarter in Brussels at the moment and the preparation works of this propaganda campaign has started still in November of this year.
   It is quite understandable that in this sphere as well Georgia and its people are in the role of simple puppets, because they don’t have any idea from where this information comes and why they sow this much hatred towards the neighbor countries and peoples.
   It turns out that Georgia is, in reality, a virtual state, which gets orders to attack South Ossia, to use certain amount of armaments in order to completely annihilate Tskhenvaly, and later retreat, so that their Western backers can have the possibility to hue and cry, and spread misinformation by the help of their PR-Consultant who has long ago visited Tbilisy from Brussels.
   It is not excluded that tomorrow this virtual state, to be more precise, those who lead this country, will come to a decision to partake in US’s new geopolitical initiatives – against Russia, Iran and other countries of the region. And every time we will record the fact that Georgian people suffer over and over again having no idea of the reasons.
   American project-states, Georgia in South Caucasus and Ukraine in Eastern Europe have turned into the sources of permanent instability, for their neighbors.
   But in our view the wars deriving from those countries are not as dangerous as the threat of the export of the political systems formed in those countries.
   It is especially dangerous for a small state like Armenia, which, being located in the crossroad of serious geopolitical interests is rather motivating for the superpowers, which create virtual states by means of “colored revolutions”.
   Can you imagine what was going to happen in our country had they managed to realize the “colored revolution” during the previous presidential elections? No doubt in that case our country will also be involved in Sahakashvily’s adventurousness with all the negative consequences deriving from it.
   By becoming the eyewitnesses of the sufferings and senseless victims of the Georgian people we can come to a conclusion that sensible nations learn on the mistakes of their neighbors and never allow others to make their country a project-state that gradually turns into a shabby tool for geopolitical games.


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