Interview with KIRO MANOYAN, person in charge of the ‘Hay Dat’


“Finally, Maria Jovanovich has been confirmed as the new US Ambassador to Armenia. What are your comments in this regard?”
“The approval of the new Ambassador’s candidacy by the Senate is itself an interesting fact, as this is the consequence of an important event. The thing is that there were senators who, till the last moment, were ready to impede or freeze the approval of this candidacy as well.
Their posture changed after the State Secretariat addressed two written statements to the Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate. Turkey is just beginning to touch upon these declarations, because they slipped the their attention then.

In one of the statements the United States considers Turkey responsible for what happened in Ottoman Turkey at the beginning of last century. Up to this moment, it was mentioned in all the cases that the massacres and annihilations were committed in the territory of the Ottoman Empire, but it wasn’t clarified who was responsible for that. Now, it is mentioned that everything was carried out by the efforts of the soldiers and officials of the Empire.
In the second statement, the State Secretariat also made it clear that the initiative of setting up a committee with the involvement of Armenian and Turkish archivists does not anyhow question the facts but rather, ensures guarantees for maintaining all the archives in the most proper form. These two changes in the attitude of the US administrations, particularly the State Secretariat, led the Senators to approve Maria Jovanovich’s candidacy.”
“Can this change anything in the United States’ attitude towards the recognition of the Armenian Genocide?”
“I think the posture of the United States has changed essentially. If, by saying Armenian-Turkish reconciliation, former candidate Hoagland believed that both parties should put up with their past and have a dialogue, Maria Jovanovich definitely claims that it is Turkey that has to put up with its past.
Clearly, these changes are not accounted for by individual approaches; they result from the change in the attitude of the State Secretariat. From this point of view, I believe that the day when the Armenian Genocide will be recognized by the US President is not far from this moment.”
“What about the prospect of President Gyul’s responding to Serge Sargsyan’s invitation and the two Presidents’ watching the football match of their national teams?”
“I deem it necessary to affirm one’s again that the invitation does not imply any changes in Armenia’s policy in the sphere of the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Both the statement of the President and the negotiations held in Switzerland between the Armenian and Turkish delegations are attempts of recording a success in the two countries’ relations.
Whereas the invitation, as well as the proposal on setting up an Armenian-Turkish committee created an impression that the fact of the Genocide is called into question. This too, was refuted by Serge Sargsyan’s article published in ‘Wall Street Journal’, as well as by the statements of senior officials.
It became clear that the President made a proposal on setting up a joint committee for discussing any issue only after opening the Armenian-Turkish border and establishing diplomatic ties. As to the committee of historians, it will not only to discuss the fact of the Genocide but also restore the details of the crime.”


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