Yerevan.Opposition Rally on August 1.

The activists of the Ter-Petrosyan-led movement  began their demonstration with a disgraceful incident.
One of the people standing on the platform of the Matenadaran had the naivety to make a half-hearted response to the revolutionaries’ ultimatum-like demands and was fiercely attacked by the activists. After listening to the short speech of the chief demonstrator, the middle-aged man standing not far from the microphone said, “Well, why do you make demands? Just ask!”

This was enough for the furious activists to “lynch” the man (who, as we managed to find out, was one of the relatives of the victims of the March 1-2 incidents). In front of the leaders of the movement, the activists attacked the man, struck him on the head with force and then pulled him about and tried to remove him from the platform. The infuriated crowd which was ready to tear the aliens to shreds “met” the stranger with whistles, shouts and curses and immediately attacked him.
Having received a scalp injury in the upper part of his head, the latter hardly managed to have a narrow escape from the territory. The revolutionaries immediately began circulating rumors that the person who objected to the demonstrators was a ‘cop’.
So, “it serves him right; they should have beaten him more.” This is how the mob responded to the barbaric act. And the incident showed once again how peaceful LTP’s demonstrators were. We have eye-witnessed such a hideous scene on the opposite side of the building of the Mayor’s Office on March 1.
Not concealing their hatred for the cops, the revolutionary activists settled scores with another alleged cop yesterday.
After all this, the revolutionary leaders still dare to insist that those who attacked the policemen on March 1 were not the members of their armed gang.
However, the most noteworthy fact is that the revolutionary orators did not stop their speeches while torturing the man. Neither Arshak Banouchyan, the so-called political prisoner considering himself an intellectual (who, at a distance of a few meters, could hear and see what was happening) nor Gourguen Yeghyazaryan the other “political prisoner”, took a second’s interval while uttering their speeches full of threat against the authorities.
As to Hrant Bagratyan, he was following the heroic deeds of the hot-headed activists with one eye and reading his speech with the other, representing various figures in such a manner as though he was pronouncing a tongue twister, in an attempt to prove that the country’s economic growth was fictitious since the indexes were not indicated by other countries. To substantiate his allegations, the specialist of “male cows” tried to make a picturesque comparison like this, “Just imagine a beauty contest in which there’s no jury making a decision, and each participant declares herself as the most beautiful woman.”
And at the end of his speech, Mr. Bagratyan gladdened the activists by announcing that, “We should send these authorities to their graves.”
Let’s note that the leader of “Heritage” did not appear on the “platform” this time either. There was absolutely no representative of the party participating in the demonstration which, as promised before, was going to be crucial.
Leader of “Republic” party Aram Sargsyan assured the participants that he would always stand by LTP and “comply with all the instructions that he will give”.
As to Stepan Demirtchyan, leader of the People’s Party of Armenia, he managed to change his shirt twice during the demonstration, not standing the hot weather and while making his short speech, repeated the same 5-6 sentences which the people have been hearing for 5-6 years.
The chief Marxist who had quit the movement through some misunderstanding and regretted for his step hurried to the platform. And despite the fact that David Haroutyunyan was not entitled to make a speech, he managed, after the declaration of the Armenian National Congress, to grab the microphone for a couple of seconds and pronounce a welcoming speech.
It was extremely boring to listen to Ter-Petrosyan whose speech lasted 50 minutes. Suffering from a lack of a topic for conversation, the speaker this time decided to touch upon “the activities of the main state institutions”. And he thoroughly estimated and characterized the activities of the legislative and executive bodies.
At the end, the leader declared the “motto” of the movement, i.e. the resignation of the country’s president and extraordinary presidential and parliamentary elections.
By the way, it is worth mentioning that the meeting began with the anthem of the movement (author of the text: Nikol Pashinyan), a musical masterpiece composed in the genre of rock. This was followed by the revolutionary melody “Lead the Struggle Till the End”, its remix being performed by LTP himself. Thus, the revolutionary “festival of music and dance” is entering a new stage, turning into a specific kind of rock-remix contest. This, unfortunately, didn’t help the revolutionaries to record a turning point on August 1.
Whereas, the aggressive vagabonds who, during the past 28 days, had wasted away in the Northern Avenue, had great expectations and participating in yesterday’s demonstration, they hoped it was going to become a historic moment.
It wasn’t “historic”, but history continues since the revolutionary headquarters again invited the activists to the Northern Avenue for 5 weeks, promising them that the demonstration which is going to be held on September 5 will be historic or at least mark a turning point. Let’s wait and see what’s going to happen.”


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