Armenian National Congress.Another soap buble?

“Analyzing the present situation and having the objective to liven the social-political activeness in September, the center of the movement considers it very important not to stop holding massive events, sit in and hunger strikes, as well as realize the idea of Armenian National Congress,” Ter-Petrosyan announced during the demonstration yesterday.

In his 50 minutes’ speech, for 48 minutes Ter-Petrosyan repeated the ideas heard during his previous speeches and only at the last 2 minutes he touched upon the congress: “You will eyewitness a significant historic event – the ceremony of the establishment of Armenian National Congress.
Later he read the declaration agreed with 16 parties and public organizations, which are going to join Armenian National Congress: “…taking into account the fact that during the post –election period the Republic of Armenia is facing serious challenges, well-conscious that there is a necessity to confront these challenges the political parties which are the core of the movement declare about the formation of the Armenian National Congress.
According to the leader of the neo-Bolsheviks the political parties and the public organizations, which make up part of the congress have the right to independence and to run for the elections separately. The congress is open for the parties and public organizations both in Armenia and Diaspora. We appeal to all the forces, organizations and citizens concerned about the fortune of their motherland to become members of the congress.
“Azatutyun” party, “Aylntrank” social-political organization, “People’s Path” party, “Democratic Motherland” party, People’s Party of Armenia, Marxists, Armenian Pan National Movement, “Motherland and Honor”, “Hanrapetutyun” party, People’s Rights – 96, Conservative Party, and Social Democratic Hnchakyan party signed the memorandum of Armenian National Congress. In general all in all 16 parties and public organizations, instead of the promised 25 or 27.
To save the situation, they announced that later, parliamentary opposition “Heritage” party, Armenian Communists’ Party and “Nor Jamanakner” would join the congress.
Below some political figures express their standpoints regarding the prospects of Armenian National Congress.

Vardan Khachatryan

“The only thing that I can say is that the deceleration is in the process of discussion. And it is very difficult to predict the continuation of this process. The contents of the declaration heard during the meeting have not been agreed with our party. Most probably in future “Heritage” party will touch upon this issue.

Ruben Tovmasyan
Armenian Communists’ party

“The party has not discussed similar declaration. Communists’ Party has a clear stance regarding similar issues and is guided by concrete position, which will never be agreed with any other party. No one has the right to make announcements on behalf of the party.

Shavarsh Kocharyan
National Democratic Party

The fact that very few parties sign the declaration on the formation of the National Congress testifies to the fact “against” ideology never works.
Let’s expect that the congress will at least declare about their goal. But I don’t think that this will work. The little number of the people in the demonstration shows their estimation, which is very important in such issues.

Arshak Sadoyan
National Democratic Union

“The National Congress doesn’t intend to take power, it has other political goals. The 16 political parties and the public organizations that have become members of the congress will very soon understand that only Armenian Pan National Movement will remain in the congress. What they really want is to return to the political domain with a new name. They expect success in 2012.

Armen Ashotyan
Republican Party

“Those pro-oppositional forces that have joined Levon Ter-Petrosyan are mostly guided by the outer effect. There are no values. Similar course of action can’t be a success and it is very characteristic to sects. They often announce that the end of the world has come, and later they have to explain why their predictions didn’t come true.
Still on May 2 they announced about forming Armenian National Congress. But by now this idea didn’t get an institutional shape. Even the parties that support Levon Ter-Petrsoyan avoid becoming members of the congress – a strange political project. Therefore the initiators of the congress had to change the contents of the deceleration. As a result it turned into a format, which simply recorded the list of the forces supporting Levon Ter-Petrosyan.
They failed to realize the idea of establishing a powerful liberal political force. Their biggest failure will be the refusal of “Heritage” Party to become members of the congress. It reminds of the situation when a couple makes a decision to get married, but on the day of the marriage they announce that they don’t want to get married, instead they prefer to remain in love.”

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