“Heritage” -ANC. Equal to equal?


In its session convened yesterday, “Heritage” party made a decision to discuss all the forms of cooperation and partnership with the Armenian National Congress only after the adoption of the programs and regulations of the latter.

As mentioned yesterday by ANAHIT BAKHSHYAN, Head of the administration of the party, it is not yet clear in what way the congress is going to work and what strategic and long-term programs it is going to implement. Only after the these issues are clarified will the party decide whether or not to participate in the activities of the congress,
“If the congress is going to carry out certain work and has a goal to achieve the implementation of the requirements of the ‘pan-national movement’, we won’t join them because it’s quite possible that the authorities may comply with their requirements just the day after or in a few months’ time,” A. Bakhshyan underlined.


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