Armenia.”Melting brain of opposition”

The radical opposition continues to prepare for the demonstration which is going to be held on August 1.
At the beginning of this month they announced that July was going to be a period of mobilization, and after LEVON ZOURABYAN, Head of the pan-national movement, made his statement in “Urbat” club yesterday, it became clear that the radicals set much store by the August 1 demonstration which will determine the further course of their struggle.

The Neo-Bolsheviks believe that the demonstration deriving from the necessity of “raising a wave of revolt and protest” and “reinstating the violated rights will have a pivotal importance in the struggle led for the sake of freedom and democracy.”
As regards the agenda, it is not likely to undergo essential changes. According to L. Zourabyan, the message to be addressed by them during the demonstration will depend on “what responses the ruling authorities will make to our initiatives towards regulating the political crisis in the country.”
From the point of view of the Armenian Pan-National Movement, the President of the Republic revealed 2 important facts in his press-conference convened on July 21: first, he is not going to enter into a dialogue with the opposition, and second, he is not going to release the political prisoners. So, the topics of the “rejected dialogue” and the “political prisoners” continue to remain on the agenda of the demonstration.
The agenda also includes the requirements regarding the place of holding the demonstrations. “The authorities continue prohibiting demonstrations in the places which have become traditional. As shown by the facts, the authorities do not, as a matter of fact, pursue a goal to reinstate democracy in Armenia, and they demonstrate a strictly contemptuous attitude towards the Council of Europe.”
In his recent press-conference, touching upon the implementation of Resolutions # 1609 and 1620, President S. Sargsyan mentioned that the matter did not consist in managing or failing to do something by January; the thing is that we have undertaken commitments which are in harmony with the programs of the President, and the plan of making our country a democratic state is step by step becoming a reality. While estimating the process of the implementation of the PACE Resolution, L. Zourabyan considered it necessary to express his attitude towards the words of the President, “If there is presently no threat of sanctions, it means that there is no Council of Europe and no democratic standards for them. They will start thinking about Armenia’s commitments again when the months of January or September are close, and they feel that there might be some serious threats.
The issue of extraordinary parliamentary elections also continues to remain on the agenda of the “pan-national” movement. The activist of the movement even hinted that they had new co-thinkers in this matter. “We have information that some pro-Government forces have started preparing for extraordinary parliamentary elections.” With these words the speaker closed the topic, without mentioning the source of their information about the existence of anonymous co-thinkers.
And what about their calls for the President’s resignation – a demand that they voiced during the July 4 demonstration? Will they raise the issue on August 1 again? “Of course, we still have some time, but the extremely tough statements of the authorities as well as their hard-line posture do not inspire any hope. The authorities do not seem to be ready to initiate a serious dialogue with the opposition. They do not seem to be ready to weaken the confrontation in the country.”
Does the Ter-Petrosyan-led opposition realize that by the initiative of submitting “Robert Kocharyan’s case” to the Hague Court, it is bringing a great harm to our country? It turns out not. “Absolutely. We are applying to the Hague Court with a very concrete claim. And what does our claim have to do with the question raised by Azerbaijan? No one can explain that. It is absurd. What threats are possible here? On the contrary, it may be a very good prospect for the country if its leaders are convicted for crimes against humanity. It will only be a guarantee that the given country will avoid committing crimes against humanity in future.”
As regards the prospect of forming the Armenian National Congress, the guest speaker of the club expressed an opinion that their principles are flexible, and he disagreed to the well-known viewpoint of their colleagues that the congress might lead to the identification of political parties. “Yesterday we met with the delegation of ‘Heritage’ party, and I answered all their questions as to what ideas we had about the congress. We are quite flexible in that matter, and I am optimistic that we will establish the Armenian National Congress.”



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