• American-Armenian businessman Serob Ter-Poghosyan, Executive Director of “Metalarins” company, has responded to President Serge Sargsyan’s message addressed to all the Armenians during the opening ceremony of “Baze” Pan-Armenian Youth Gathering. In the letter addressed to the President, S. Ter-Poghosyan said,
  • “Dear President,

    I became very enthusiastic when I heard you call on the Armenians scattered all over the world to make their investment in the economic development of the Republic of Armenia.

    The provinces of Armenia must not fall behind the capital city in their everyday life. We know that the issue of the development of the provinces is one of your priority tasks. Therefore, dear President, I have the honor to inform you that my colleagues and I am ready to invest a sum of 50 million US Dollars for the implementation of social programs, as well as programs aimed at the development of industry and tourism. We are now discussing the possibilities for making large-scale investments in the provinces. I hope the invested sum will thrice increase in that case


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