• RA President Serge Sargsian made an address to the RA citizens and world spread Armenians during “Baze” All-Armenian youth gathering calling on them to be more active and full of initiative to flourish the motherland with joint efforts.Russian-based Armenian businessman Samvel Karapetian first responded to the call of the President, Armenpress reported. In his letter addressed to the Armenian President he wrote that Armenia is the motherland of all Armenians, and independent of geographical position a part of each Armenian’s heart and soul is always in the motherland.
  • The businessman regards himself as a supporter of the initiative, as independent of financial ability each Armenian’s pride is the motherland and the Armenians will be rich only when they see their motherland prosperous and flourishing. The businessman says that he is ready to invest 200 mln USD in the business and social projects and another 50 mln USD in any symbolizing project in Armenia.
  • Chairman of the board of directors of “Mon Ar” company Sergey Hambardzumian also responded to the call of the Armenian President. He is ready to provide 10 mln USD.

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