The Armenian opposition is on leave

A comparatively lull period has set in the home policy of Armenia, which is differently used by the opposing forces, but in their main approaches both the ultraradical pro-American opposition and the authorities with an assembly of the pro-power forces in some way agree. The present time is used mainly to strengthen its ranks, intensify its propaganda component, look closely at other potential allies as well as search for public and private support from abroad.

Surprisingly this kind of transformation of the current development of the situation was significantly affected by the position of a periodic session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on June 22, which addressed the question of to what extent the steps of the Armenian authorities corresponded with the recommendations of the European structures on “finding a common language” with the opposition. For example, to this date in June was timed the thoroughly prepared meeting of the opposition, still led by the first President Ter-Petrossyan, who had completely lost the presidential elections on February 19, as we remember. And the comments of the supporters of Ter-Petrossyan, which might be heard during the period preceding this meeting, which took place on 20th of June, did not vary much. The main expectations were connected with the fact that the PACE recognized the steps taken by the Armenian leadership as insufficient, that they would accuse them of unwillingness to follow the western recommendations and as a “punishment” the Armenian delegation to PACE would be deprived of the suffrage! ..
At that it was seriously argued that this should be the way how the “true patriots” of Armenia “feet the situation” – saying that the task remained the same: in any way to crush the present government, even if it negatively affected the international image of the country, its position in important foreign policy issues etc., etc. Attempts have been made to “gossip” again about the authorities that allegedly preserved their anti-democratic essence – well, that is it! The “honest opposition” tries to hold a rally, and the authorities jib and “do not let them do it”! This was all lie, from the beginning till the end. The Mayor’s office of Yerevan was by no means against the fact that the supporters of the first president would once again hold their “May Day meetings”. It just specified the places for holding those gatherings for them – the territory, adjacent to the two municipal stadiums, “Razdan” and “Dinamo”. And this was what did not suit the opponents – they had obviously taken after their hearts the events of March 1 of this year, and like criminals they were probably longing for those place where they had been playing tricks in late February and early March, and therefore they demanded to be permitted to hold their meeting only at the Theatre Square! What they needed was a “crowd scene”, and the place better than the city center – the Theatre Square, or “Matenadaran”- might be hardly found in Yerevan for this purpose. Lots of city-dwellers walking there in the evenings, many of them with children.
The European Parliamentaries, however, decided to defer the decision on the human rights situation in Armenia until January. The matters took such a turn that the member of the Armenian delegation, a former American citizen, the leader of the opposition party “Zharangutyun” ( “Heritage”) Raffi Hovannisyan in protest and disagreement with the views of the majority of PACE session just… stood up and left the meeting room of PACE in Strasbourg! And what began here in Yerevan! The adherents of Ter-Petrossyan went even as far as accusing the PACE deputies… of bribery and corruption. Apparently, according to their logic, seemingly the present President of Armenia Serzh Sarkisyan personally “bought up” all the European Parliamentarians, and at the same time the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe, Armenia-phobe, the British Terry Davis! …
In facts things are much simpler. On the one hand, the PACE simply could not ignore the fact that the Armenian delegation provided itself and produce such documents, which proved that the guilt of the opposition supporters (and, consequently, its leaders!) in the events on March 1 was no less, if even not more. Only in such an unpretentious way Armenia made it clear for Europe that in fact there were no those political prisoners in the republic, of which dinned the opposition. And on the other hand, did not anyone in Europe know that Ter-Petrossyan and his adherents were performing the political order of the U.S.? And what is that political order today? It is in awaiting the results of the presidential elections in the USA! In January it will already be known for sure who will win in Washington: Democrats or Republicans! And then in January 2009 we will adopt the final resolution on Internal Affairs of Armenia – when the new owner of the White House says his word! ..
So the ultraradical Armenian opposition is sulky for nothing. With this step the European Parliamentarians have proved not their being corrupted or concerned about the establishing of the ruling of “unlegitimate power” in Armenia, as was commented by Ter-Petrossyan himself and his closest adherents on the decision of the PACE. No – the European Parliamentarian have once again proved that the Council of Europe, the PACE and other structures close to them are merely “outrunners” in implementing the policy of national interests of the U.S. in Europe and Eurasia.
Meanwhile, the whole family of Ter-Petrossyan has already left… correct, for the States! Where he providently sent his sonny last year. At sight, everything looks decent – well, the whole family is uniting together. As if they just want to spend summer-time at the place of David Ter-Petrossyan in the USA! However, as the Yerevan newspapers reported, the wife of the first president, their daughter-in-law and grandchildren took only ONE-WAY tickets. That is, they escaped from Armenia either “for good”, or at least they will be out of the country QUITE FOR LONG – say, for example till winter 2009! No wonder that one of the press secretaries of Ter-Petrossyan – A. Musinyan, flatly refused to comment on the escape of the family of Ter-Petrossyan from Armenia, alleging that he would not speak on the “personal affairs” of the family of the first President.

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