Don’t teach the Armenians to love democracy!

The report of the US Department of State on the post-election situation in Armenia has roused indignation of the Deputy Armen Ashotyan, representing the party in power. At the press-conference on June 5 he noted that only the data of the oppositionists had been used while preparing the report.

“If to look at the text of the paper, one shall notice that it consists of two parts. The first one is criticizing the state of the democratic institutions in Armenia, and in the second – the US Department of State is reporting back to its taxpayers on the work, allegedly carried out for the development of democracy in Armenia”, – the deputy stated. Ashotyan stressed the fact that the report had been prepared on the basis of the research of the monitoring group, which was several times less in its membership than that of the European observers, which gave reasons for doubting the professionalism of that group. All the more so, as analogous European groups gave rather positive appreciations to the election processes in Armenia.
Not intending to doubt the leadership of the US in what concerns democracy, and moreover, to compare this state to Armenia, Ashotyan nevertheless reminded of “some peccadilloes” of the American authorities, taking as grounds the publications of the American press and the reports of the “Freedom House”. He mentioned the resisters of hostilities in Iraq and Afghanistan, the cases of mass murders and high rate of criminality, the frustrated and “non-democratic in its essence” (as noted by the “Freedom House”) election system, the priority of the acting Governors during the elections, the racial, religious and other kinds of discrimination in the USA.
On the same day the Prosecutor General of the country Agvan Ovsepyan was speaking before the Parliamentarians at the National Assembly. He blamed the opposition for using children “in their purposes”. A.Ovsepyan stressed that small children had been in the tents on the Square of Freedom on March 1. According to him, the matters went so far that “one of the girls, escaping with her father, did not have time to put on her shoes; and later some woman-instigator stated that the girl has been killed”. Ovsepyan preferred not to answer the question of the oppositional deputies on “from what or from whom had been so hurriedly escaping the girl and her father”. The Prosecutor General has also refused to demonstrate to the public before the end of the investigation all the videos they had at their disposal, showing the events of the morning and evening of the 1st of March without the montage. He stated that such videos existed, that they had been examined by the Office of the Public Prosecutor, and would serve as material evidence, showed only at the Court. “We do not wish to be busy with the moral propaganda activities and show them to the public”, – stressed he.
Responding to the question of the Parliamentary Deputy if a criminal case had been brought in action on the fact of murders on March 1, the Prosecutor General stated that he was not going to answer those kinds of questions, motivating it with a law, prohibiting holding hearings on criminal cases. The Deputy specified that he was not speaking of definite persons, but of the very fact of presence or absence of the accused for the murders on 1-2 March and inquired whether there were people, acknowledged to be legal successors of the victims. “This I will not tell you”, – stressed Ovsepyan. Nevertheless, when later responding to the question of another Deputy Ovsepyan noted that he did not assert that all the police officers had kept within the law. “Investigation is being held on these facts”, – he assured.
We shall see what will be heard from the camps of the authorities and the opposition, when the President S. Sarkisyan, after returning from Russia, gives his appreciation of the negotiations in St. Petersburg – with the President of the Russian Federation D. Medvedev and the President of Azerbaijan Ilkham Aliyev. To our viewpoint, since now the life of the Republic will be mostly determined by the real results, being achieved by the Armenian leader at the informal summit of the CIS countries.


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