A Cheap and Primitive Spectacle

Yesterday, all the newspapers supporting the Armenian Pan-National Movement publicized a very heart-breaking news release on their front pages. It ran as follows: Ter-Petrosyan’s wife has returned from the United States and even visited the Northern Avenue.

“Those who think that my family members or I am going to leave Armenia are people who cannot get rid of the psychology of the refugee. I am sure that none of the members of the pan-national movement wishes to leave Armenia as he/she is sure that there is nothing sweater in the world than one’s homeland,” Ms. Ter-Petrosyan announced to the activists participating in the sit-in protest.
Take your handkerchiefs and wipe your tears, dear brothers and sisters. Did you wipe them? And did you drink water? So, we can pass on to a serious conversation.
“Hayots Ashkharh” was the first to inform the reader that on July 3, Lyudmila Ter-Petrosyan and Lilit Ter-Petrosyan, the wife and the daughter-in-law of the leader of the “liberation movement”, as well as his three grand-children left for the United States by the Yerevan – Paris- Los-Angeles flight.
Let’s note that the office of the “pan-national” movement first refused to comment upon the fact. And this is quite explicable. The thing is that the departure of L. Ter-Petrosyan’s family aroused serious dissatisfactions both among the closest co-thinkers of the leader and the ordinary activists. As informed by the sources, the latter even had unpleasant conversations with David Shahnazaryan regarding the topic.
The question was advanced like this: we struggle here and spare no effort to make Ter-Petrosyan a President, and his family is enjoying itself in Washington. Where is justice?
And thus, in order to mitigate the justified dissatisfactions of the co-thinkers, Ter-Petrosyan has to call his wife back to Armenia. We emphasize, only his wife. His son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren are now in the United States, so the titles running “Ter-Petrosyan’s family has returned” arouse only grin and nothing more.
Here is a cheap and primitive spectacle performed in front of our eyes



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