USA assists Armenia

The Subcommittee of Foreign Allocations of the US House of Representatives approved the bill on allocating 52 million dollars’ assistance to Armenia, 8 million dollars’ assistance to Nagorno Karabakh, and to Armenia and Azerbaijan – 3 million dollars’ military assistance each.

The Bush administration is doing its best to cut by 60 % the 58,5 million dollars’ allocation to Armenia, reducing it to 24 million. By the bill proposed by the administration the balance of the assistance shown to Armenia and Azerbaijan is breached.
39 members of the House of Representatives, co-Chairman of the American Congress of Armenians headed by Frank Palone and Joe Nolenberg, exhorted the Subcommittee of Foreign Allocations to review the volume of the assistance.
Joe Nolenberg proposed to bring to zero the military assistance shown to Azerbaijan, but the proposal was not accepted by the ratio of 7 for and 8 against votes.


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