Armenian young falsyfiers

Yesterday, at 16:00 p.m. a group of activists darted across the Northern Avenue and moved forward shouting. The posters stretched above their heads read, “Release the Detainees!”
   Seeing the march of this group of people looking like vagabonds, the people standing at the bus-stop thought that the function was devoted to the “political prisoners”. But before reaching the forepart of Baghramyan Avenue, they continued yelling, “Levon, President!” However, after moving forward a little more, they got a sunstroke and fainted, lapsing into silence.

   At the same moment, the function of collecting illegal signatures was continuing in the Northern Avenue. These activities are continuously repeated, making an impression that the passers-by are queuing up to sign some papers.
   Whereas the blanks are filled in by the activists participating in the sit-in protest, and each of them has 100 times participated in the process of collecting illegal signatures by putting different names and false signatures.


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