Serzh Sargsyan-“Armenians,come back!”

The 8th pan-Armenian “Baze” (hawk) youth gathering is being held in Jermuk from 11 till 18 July. Yesterday President Serge Sargsyan visited the 650 participants of “Baze” who have arrived here from different parts of Armenia, Artsakh, Javahk and the Diaspora.

Addressing the “Baze” activists representing the red, blue and orange fronts, the President said, “ ‘Baze’ pan-Armenian youth gathering seems to be the model of our people who are scattered all over the world. ‘From most different parts of the world – for the sake of the realization of the desires of Armenia and the Armenian people’: this is how I imagine the original motto of ‘Baze’.

Such gatherings also bear a specific kind of message calling for our national unanimity and solidarity for the sake of Armenia’s future. For several days I have been thinking about addressing a message to all the descendents of our people. Today I decided to realize my intention together with you. Because I don’t imagine a more convenient environment than this place where I can speak, with the ardent looks of 650 people accompanying me.
And now, I ask for your support for addressing a speech to our people here, in the lap of our homeland, in an atmosphere overfilled with the spirit of patriotism.
The President addressed all the citizens of the Republic of Armenia, as well as all those who consider Armenia their homeland. S. Sargsyan addressed all those who “proudly explain to their children and grandchildren from the cradle that they are Armenians, that they have a motherland in the remote valley of Ararat.”
The President of Armenia addressed all the Armenians living abroad, “I want to talk to you about your homeland and yourself. I am sure that the kind recollections of childhood and the smiling eyes of familiar and unfamiliar old men sitting in the yard are calling you home. I know that the craziness of the Parisian bohemia, the achievements you had in New York, the respectful looks of your friends living in Moscow and your own satisfaction often come into collision with your grandfather and grandmother’s words saying ‘My dear son, come home!’
The sunny smiles of your Mom and Dad and the feeling of tiredness after playing a game in the yard collide with each other, saying ‘My dear son, come home!’ You need roots in order to establish your welfare, your maturity and the life you have created. You need a path linking you with your childhood, a path that will pass through your birthplace and your yard, reminding you about your old grandfather and grandmother, your friends and relatives having a lot of concerns. While recounting a fairytale, your grandma certainly would say that an Armenian is like a tree. You removed it from its land but didn’t harm the root, so it can blossom and become a tree again.”
S. Sargsyan expressed belief that the land of each Armenian is his childhood and home. “Both the positive and the negative are ours. Our roots are buried deep here. The wind and storm, the earthquake and injustice have pulled down our house with an axe, but we know the place of our roots well, and we can blossom because the sun, the land and the water of foreign countries have tempered us. We are strong. A little love will be enough for the roots to grow into a tree.”
The President of the Republic appealed to our people to protect our house. “The yard of our childhood needs a merry-go-round with the colors of the rainbow. Our grandfathers and grandmothers need our ears to untwine the tangle of their lives. Our yards need our presence at least once a year. As to our land and water, they don’t need anything at all. Just love your house and yard, and the homeland will be loved.”
The following part of the President’s speech was addressed especially to all the citizens of Armenia: “Dear Armenians, the main task we are carrying out at present is actually one thing: we are building the Armenia of future. The kind of Armenia we are required to inherit to our generations should be a developed, democratic and peaceful country. I am more than sure that the goals of future should be embodied in each of us; every single person, be he/she a farmer, teacher, civil servant, businessman or intellectual, should be the bearer of those goals.
This is probably the path that will incessantly push each citizen of the Republic of Armenia to the frank self-confession saying, “I love my country.” This is the path that will lead all of us to the reality, when each of us will be constantly asking himself/herself: “Are my deeds enough to change my country for the better and make it smile like a child?”
The President of the country confirmed the fact that Armenia is the motherland of not only the citizens of Armenia but also the Armenians scattered all over the world. He especially addressed the Armenian businessmen and wealthy people: “The truth, which is more than obvious, dictates us one thing: to make our motherland flourish through our joint efforts. Be more active and full of initiative in your efforts towards making your homeland a prosperous country. This is my request to everybody. Look at the glances of the young people overfilled with patriotism and fervor. Let’s bring them up as us good Armenians and faithful sons of their homeland not only in word by also in deed.”
The President of the Republic did not deem it necessary to thoroughly discuss the mechanisms required for uniting the whole potentials of the Armenian nation, clarify the mechanisms of the cooperation between the state and the individual, Armenia and the Diaspora, the formats of the Pan-Armenian Bank and other similar institutions. “There will still be occasions for doing that. Today it is necessary to speak an Armenian and his/her homeland called Armenia. There is no third party here. There you are, standing face to face with your past, your future and the future of your children. I call on all of you to choose your own element in your motherland, your library, your school and any other idea and build and realize, increase, create, multiply and shape the fairy-tale of your childhood.”
Serge Sargsyan expressed hope that his appeal would by all means find a response. “I am sure that we all realize that we are mortals while Armenia will exist forever. So, long live Armenia, and glory to the Armenian people.”


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